Lala Kent Explains Why She Deleted All Pics Of Randall Emmett On Instagram, Says She's 'Petty'

Lala Kent has confirmed that she is still with her fiancé Randall Emmett, in spite of social media speculation that the longtime lovebirds broke up. The 30-year-old Vanderpump Rules star posted an update on Instagram to set the record straight after she removed all of the photos of her man from her page and made "cryptic" posts on her Instagram stories on Sunday.

In a new post to her page, Lala shared a pic of her smooching Randall. The Bravo beauty was wearing a white blazer with nothing underneath. She also had her hair wrapped in a low bun and wore sparkly, long chandelier earrings as she locked lips with her partner while holding on to the lapel of his jacket. Randall was also dressed up in a stylish suit as he kissed his future bride in the sweet photoshoot.

In the caption to the pic, which can be seen below, Lala confirmed to her 1.4 million followers that the two did not break up. The Give Them Lala Beauty founder admitted that she simply has a "petty" side to her that came out over the weekend. Lala explained that when Randall makes her mad, all of her photos of him are temporarily archived. She revealed that once they make up from their argument, she immediately re-adds the pics of her filmmaker fiancé to her page.

Lala also jokingly pointed out that she recently had Randall's name tattooed on her arm, so it won't be so easy to part ways with him.

"He's stuck with me," the Bravo beauty wrote in an explanation to her followers.

Lala disabled all commenting for the post so that she could have the final -- and only -- word on the subject.

Lala caused a bit of a frenzy over the weekend after she posted comments about her struggles with sobriety and her life being "a mess." Fans also noticed that she deleted all of her pics of Randall on Instagram and stopped following him on the social media platform. Hours later all of the missing pics reappeared on her account, and that's when she issued her explanation.

This is not the first time Lala has wiped her 'Gram clean of her fiancé. Last year, the Vanderpump Rules veteran deleted or archived nearly all of the photos of Randall on her social media account, including a highly viewed upload from the couple's September 2018 engagement, Us Weekly reported at the time.