Dasha Mart Puts On Leggy Display While Clad In Floral Dress For West Palm Beach Photo Shoot

Dasha Mart delighted her 1.9 million fans with a sizzling new photo update that showed her in a short and sexy dress. The July 21 Instagram upload contained three photos that showed her incredible figure.

The first image in the series captured Dasha posed outside with her back toward the camera. A geotag indicated that she was in West Palm Beach, Florida. The setting was gorgeous, and Dasha stood in front of a stone fence that was situated around a tall building covered in lush green ivy and purple flowers. A palm tree-lined sidewalk made up for the rest of the space, and Dasha was posed in the center of the frame.

She rocked a sexy dress from the Catwalk Connection that boasted a white hue and a gorgeous, floral pattern with green leaves and pink flowers. The garment was constructed of semi-sheer fabric that had long sleeves that were loose on her arms. The piece had a daringly short length that hit a few inches above her knees and showed off her tanned legs. She also rocked a pair of sky-high heels on her lower half that added some length to her frame.

The second snapshot in the set captured the model from a front-facing angle. She looked off to the side as she twirled a strand of hair between her fingers. The front of the garment had a turtleneck top, and its sheer fabric exposed a tease of her skin underneath. The clothing had a layered piece underneath that was tight on Dasha's chest. The outfit cinched around the model's waist and helped accentuate her tiny frame.

Dasha painted her nails pink, and the color nearly matched the hue of her dress. She accessorized her outfit with a white quilted purse that featured the Chanel emblem on the front of it. It had a long, chain strap that was worn across her chest.

The last image in the series featured a better view of Dasha's heels, which were encrusted with jewels. She styled her long, blond curls with a middle part, and her hair tumbled down her shoulders.

The image has already amassed over 9,000 likes and 240 comments for the model. Most complimented her sexy choice of wardrobe while a few more used emoji instead of words.

"Dasha I am from Gijón, Asturias, Spain and I have been following the most beautiful girl on Instagram for six months since the first time I saw you, precious," one follower gushed alongside a set of emoji.

"Wow such incredible beauty," another fan commented.

"Always so impressed by how you find shooting locations," a third Instagrammer wrote.