Lyna Perez Sizzles In A Tiny Pink Bikini & Shakes Her Booty Poolside

Lyna Perez takes a selfie
Lyna Perez / Instagram

Lyna Perez shared a Bang Energy video via her Instagram page on Sunday that stunned her fans. The model’s followers are quite accustomed to seeing her in revealing bikinis, but this video clip escalated her sexiness quotient to an entirely new level.

Those who have followed Lyna for a while may have gathered that she has an intense passion for minuscule pink bikinis. Just a few days ago, Lyna raised temperatures while posing in a tiny hot-pink bikini. A few months ago, she shared a different Bang Energy video featuring yet another pink bikini and piece of apparel representing the company behind the drink.

This Bang Energy video also featured the brunette flaunting her figure in a pink bikini. However, this was a different, yet still incredibly flattering, ensemble. Even if the ensemble seemed similar to what Lyna’s fans have seen before, they didn’t seem to mind. The model shifted the backdrop and showcased some fresh moves for Sunday’s upload and people went wild over the sultry clip.

In Sunday’s new clip, Lyna was seen standing outdoors, tugging slightly at the waistband of her pink bikini bottoms. She started walking toward the video camera, taking off her blue Bang Energy vest as she smiled.

Lyna twirled as she walked, her pert derriere fully visible and perfectly showcased by the thong cut of the bikini bottoms.

Seconds later, the model sat down on a lounge chair next to the pool. She smiled seductively toward the camera as she leaned back, bracing herself on her arms, flaunting her chiseled abs and plentiful cleavage.

Lyna sipped sexily from her can of Bang Energy drink as she changed position on the lounge chair. She once again tugged at her bikini bottoms and soon could be seen shaking her booty while she stood in the pool.

Overnight, Lyna’s sexy video clip received nearly 160,000 views and more than 40,000 likes. Almost 1,000 comments were posted. Many of the model’s followers relied on emoji to show their appreciation for her moves in the post, but others found the words to pay her the compliments she deserved.

“You’re drop dead gorgeous,” one of Lyna’s fans commented.

“You don’t need ‘bang’ to make u look superb,” a follower teased.

“You are really so beautiful and hot,” another fan declared.

“You gotta stop being so damn cute already,” someone else wrote.

Her fans made it clear that they loved the sexy vibe and loads of confidence that Lyna showcased in this new video.