July 3, 2020
Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Flaunts Her Booty During At-Home Workout

Instagram model Lucy Robson delighted fans by showcasing her athletic figure in a new video upload. In the clip, she sported a tight pair of leggings and a white T-shirt while performing various exercises that allowed her to flaunt her curvy backside.

The 25-year-old -- who is known for her abilities on the golf course -- has been sharing workout tips on her page in recent weeks, and did a lower body workout for this post. Robson wore a pair of tight-fitting white leggings with light-gray stripes and a tight white cropped T-shirt. She had her long blond hair tied up in a ponytail, and wore a pair of white sneakers.

Robson was filmed from the back while she faced a while and performed six different exercises on top of a workout mat. For the first part of the video, the British golfer did jump squats. With each repetition, she jutted her derriere out, and this angle offered fans a clear view of her curvaceous booty. She grabbed dumbbells for her next exercise and did side bends.

Robson did a jump squat variation for her third exercise. She crossed her legs while she jumped, and then jumped into a squat. Again, viewers caught a glimpse of her fit frame with each jump. Next, the Cal Poly product got into a lunge position for the next part of her routine. The model had her right foot forward as she held dumbbells in either hand and performed lateral raises.

Robson got on all fours for the fifth part of the vid and lifted her right leg to the side for fire hydrant raises. At the end of the video, the golfer stood up and did side lunges as she bent side-to-side. In her caption, she included instructions on the repetitions and sets for each exercise and added a peach and house emoji.

Many of her 844,000 Instagram followers took notice of the steamy workout clip, and more than 8,200 hit the "like" button in just over seven hours after it went online. Robson had nearly 150 replies as her comments section was flooded with heart emoji.

"Buns of steel," one fan wrote while adding a heart-eyes emoji.

"Love you Lucy my fav," an admirer responded.

"Great focus," wrote another.

"Lucy is going for it," a fourth person commented, along with an exhausted-face emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr in May, Robson previously flaunted her jaw-dropping cleavage in a white bikini. She was photographed on a patio couch while she soaked up some sun. That post earned more than 72,000 likes.