July 3, 2020
UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Stuns Fans In A White Bikini During Mexican Getaway

Brittney Palmer tantalized her 1.1 million Instagram fans on Friday, July 3, with a new update that showed her in a stylish bikini that put her fit body front and center.

The photo showed the UFC ring girl standing on the balcony of a house. The two-story structure had a rounded thatch roof that draped around the platform.

Palmer placed her hands on the wooden railing, stretching them wide to the sides as she leaned forward. She placed her right leg in front of the left, highlighting the natural curves of her body.

The photographer was on the ground, angling the camera up to capture the model.

According to the geotag, the photo was taken at the Ahau Tulum resort, an upscale eco-friendly beach resort in Tulum, Mexico.

Palmer sported a white two-piece swimsuit that contrasted with her tan complexion. The bikini top had a twisted front that tied into a short knot in the middle. The low neckline dipped into her chest and exposed her ample cleavage. The bra also boasted short sleeves that made it resemble a crop top.

She paired it with matching bottoms that sat low, showing off her tight stomach while baring her hips. As revealed by the tag, the bikini was from Beach Bunny Swimwear.

Palmer wore her caramel-colored hair swept over to one side and styled down in curls, which she pulled over her left shoulder. She accessorized her outfit with stylish sunglasses.

Palmer asked her fans in the caption if they had any plans for the weekend and included a Fourth of July-themed hashtag. The post has attracted more than 11,200 likes and over 125 comments. Her fans took to the comments section to reply to her question and also to gush over her good looks.

"I like how you get down! Looks like a cool getaway," one user wrote.

"So beautiful, have a wonderful weekend Brittney," replied another fan.

"I wish my weekend plans consisted of spending time with youuu," a third admirer raved.

"Damn that pic is so [fire]," added a fourth fan, using an emoji in place of the word "fire."

Palmer often stuns her fans with stunning photos. Just last week, she posted another bikini photo as she allowed "the energy of the earth heal [her] soul," as The Inquisitr noted. She soaked up the sun atop a large reddish-colored rock at the Crack at Wet Beaver Creek in Rimrock, Arizona, according to the geotag.

She wore a darker reddish-brown bikini with a top that seemed to have gathered material on the sides and a high waisted bottom