July 3, 2020
Lindsey Pelas Shows Off Cleavage In Steamy Bikini Selfies

Model, podcaster and cover girl Lindsey Pelas continued a trend of uploading skimpy bikini snapshots to her popular Instagram feed on Friday. With her latest post, the 29-year-old teased her nearly 9 million followers on the platform with a three-pic slideshow of mirrored selfies in which she posed provocatively while wearing a skimpy, mismatched two-piece ensemble.

The post, what was geotagged to West Hollywood, California, included a caption in which the Eyes Up Here host said she was "just saying hi." Pelas' fans were quick to respond to the greeting and accompanying pictorial with words of appreciation for her bikini body.

"Ohhhh mammmiiii, you are next level," wrote one admirer.

"That poor top doesn't stand a chance," commented another.

"This is one of the best posts I've ever seen," declared a third commenter.

"Hello, definitely bringing the fireworks," wrote another fan, adding a string of fire emoji.

In the first photo of the series, Pelas stared directly into the camera lens of her smartphone through the mirror before her. As she did so, she pursed her lips in a seductive manner. Meanwhile, her platinum blond hair was parted down the middle and flowed out from its dark roots, resting over her shoulder.

When the picture was snapped, Pelas was halfway between sitting in a chair and standing; both of her elbows and part of her backside remained resting against the chair. She also twisted her hips slightly to one side, accentuating her curvaceous figure.

The sandy-hued bikini top Pelas wore, which was tied together in the front with long, thin strings, did little to contain her perky assets. Lower in the frame, her off-white bottoms hugged her hips tightly.

Pelas struck a similar pose in the second selfie, with the only discernible difference being a shift in weight to the opposite side that made her curves appear even more pronounced. She also raised her chin, providing a slightly different perspective on her face.

The slideshow was capped off with a snap in which Pelas turned her attention away from the mirror and looked directly at her phone's screen. As she did so, she held her right arm up and touched her fingertips against her neck, which seemingly pressed her chest out in the middle of the frame.

Pelas' latest post generated a major response in short order, inspiring nearly 40,000 double-taps in under two hours. Meanwhile, more than 600 comments have been left.

As shared by The Inquisitr on June 26, Pelas recently flaunted her curves to great effect in a similarly mismatched bikini while playing badminton.