Lele Pons Rocks A Pink Bikini Top & Teases Her Dog With A Treat In Funny TikTok Video

Lele Pons' latest TikTok video co-starred her cute canine companion, Toby. On Thursday, the social media star shared a short clip of the red toy poodle desperately trying to grab a treat with his teeth. However, Lele's unusual movements made this a bit difficult for Toby.

In the video, Lele rocked a casual ensemble that included a pink string bikini top that put her cleavage on full display. Her choice of top also left much of her trim midsection exposed, but Lele kept the lower half of her body covered up by teaming the garment with a pair of baggy blue sweatpants. She wore her bottoms pulled up high so that the elastic waistband was above her navel.

Lele was barefoot, and she appeared to have on little or no makeup. She was wearing her glossy blond hair down with a deep side-part.

The location of the video was Lele's kitchen, where she stood in front of a large island with her back to the camera. Toby was on the floor with his gaze focused on her.

Lele slowly turned around, revealing that she had a treat of some sort in her hand. She bent over a bit and held it out toward Toby, but then she slightly jerked her arm back. She made the same robotic jerking movement over and over again, and this initially appeared to confuse her pet.

Lele timed her movements to go along with the words of the TikTok sound that she chose for her video. The audio was "Ya Ya Ya" by Emann of the rap group Hott Headzz. Lele jerked her body each time the word "Ya" was repeated.


After sitting back and watching Lele move for a few moments, Toby eventually made his move. He leaped up to snag the treat, but he missed. He made numerous attempts to get it, and he was hopping up and down to the beat of the music by the end of the video.

A few of Lele's followers felt a bit sorry for Toby.

"I don't think Toby is okay with this challenge," read one remark in the comments section of her video.

"Poor Toby he just wanted a treat not a video," another fan wrote.

"Poor doggy never got his treat aw," a third fan remarked.

"Your dog is so cute," a fourth admirer gushed.

Toby often makes appearances in Lele's social media content. As reported by The Inquisitr last month, she joked that the pup didn't want to dance with her when he made a surprise cameo in a video of Lele trying to get her groove on with YouTube star Twan Kuyper.