Ainsley Rodriguez Rocks String Bikini For Upper Body Workout

Ainsley Rodriguez poses for a selfie
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Ainsley Rodriguez rocked skimpy workout attire for the latest fitness demonstration on her Instagram page.

For the five-part video series, the Miami-based fitness model sported a string bikini with a multicolored zigzag print against a white background.

Ainsley started the circuit with a series of single-arm presses and lateral raises. For this exercise, she got down on one knee and held one dumbbell next to her face. She held the other out to the side with her arm held straight. The model started by lifting the weight near her face above her head and then lowering it. After that, she lowered the other dumbbell and raised it. In her caption, Ainsley recommended doing 12 repetitions on both sides and completing the set four times.

Next, with her dumbbells still in hand, Ainsley moved on to doing bear plank front raise to tricep extensions. While in the plank position, She raised one dumbbell and lowered it before she repeated the move on the other side. Then she returned to the first arm and bent her elbow to raise the weight once more. After that, she swung the dumbbell backward and extended her arm as she did so. Her caption suggested doing three sets of 10 repetitions each.

In the third video of the series, Ainsley tackled a set of bent-over rows into hammer curls. She tilted her torso forward for the first exercise and pulled the dumbbells toward her shoulders. Then she lifted her upper body into an upright position and then raised the weights above her head.

Ainsley kneeled on her exercise mat for the next exercise, an arm movement called the “Around The World.” She started this one with the weights above her head and then she lowered them with a semicircular motion.

In the fifth and final clip, Ainsley ended the circuit with rear delt raises. The exercise required her to bend both her torso and knees. With straight arms, she raised the weights in front of her, holding them at about a 45-degree angle as she did so.

The post has accumulated more than 5,000 likes as of this writing and close to 150 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, one person made a quip about Ainsley’s workout gear.

“So, I have to wear a bikini to do this workout?” they asked.

However, other commenters asked questions about the workout Ainsley demonstrated.

“What size weights do you use? I’m always wondering if I’m using too heavy or too light…” a second Instagram user wondered.

In her reply, Ainsley said that she used eight-pound weights for this video series. However, she suggested using lighter weights for the bear plank front raises because of the difficulty of the exercise.