Lisa Lanceford Trains Her Glutes In New Instagram Video Series

Lisa Lanceford poses for a selfie
Lisa Lanceford / Instagram

Lisa Lanceford shared a new glute focused workout with her Instagram followers on Thursday. Although she was at the gym in each of the videos, she made sure that the demo was accessible for anyone who may not have access to weights or heavy-duty equipment at the moment.

Rocking a pair of gray leggings and matching sports bra, the British fitness trainer started the workout with a set of cable machine pull-throughs. For this exercise, she stood with her feet spread apart as she held the machine’s handle between her legs. Then she bent forward, which caused the cable to retract. As she stood up once more, she pulled the handle forward and slowly exhaled. In a clip superimposed on the right side of the video, Lisa demonstrated the at-home version of the workout, and it required her to lie on her back and raise her pelvis.

Next, she demonstrated a set of single-leg Romanian deadlifts. She brought out a dumbbell for this one and held it in front of her thigh as she leaned forward and raised the opposite leg behind her. The at-home alternative to the exercise saw her place an exercise band under both feet and then lean her torso forward and backward to complete her repetitions.

A series of single-leg hip thrusts followed. Lisa braced her back against a bench for this one and bent one leg into the air as she lifted her pelvis. The at-home version of the exercise was almost exactly the same as her gym version except that she lay back on the floor for it.

In the fourth video of the series, Lisa hoisted a weighted bar onto her back and then bent her torso forward for an exercise called “Good Mornings” For the at-home exercise, she stood on one end of the exercise band and placed the other around her neck.

Next, Lisa ended the workout with a set of glute kickbacks at the cable machine. She used an ankle attachment to lift the cable weight with her foot as she lifted her leg behind her.

The post has been liked close to 10,000 times, as of this writing, and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, some Instagram users seemed excited about the workout that Lisa demonstrated. Some of those comments came from other fitness influencers like Chanel Coco Brown, Katie Crewe, and Linn Lowes.

But most of the enthusiastically positive comments came from Instagram users with much smaller followings.

“I am so ready for our gym to open up so I can do this!” one person wrote. “Not quite as gracefully as you though.”

“Was doing your home workouts this entire plague, went to the gym two days ago and did Shoulders/Maintain/Advanced and I’m still sore EVERYWHERE,” another Instagram user commented before including a crying and heart-eye emoji. “I had to take a rest day yesterday but I’m back again today!”

“Love these workouts!! Thank you so much!!” a third Instagram user gushed.

“Thank you for posting these with the at-home variations, these have had me on [fire emoji] this whole week!!” wrote another follower.