Cindy Prado Poses In A Red Bikini With A Glass Of Wine

Cindy Prado takes a selfie on Instagram.
Cindy Prado / Instagram

Cindy Prado posed with wine while sporting a bright red bikini that showcased her assets. The model shared the three-photo Instagram slideshow on Saturday, June 13.

Though she was advertising rosé wine in the photos, the focus seemed to be on her fit figure, which she showed off in the sexy two-piece.

The top featured a cut-out neckline that flaunted her cleavage, while the bottom sported another cutout that showcased her underboob. Her toned abs were on full display.

The bathing suit bottoms dipped low on her lower abdomen, and rode up high on her hips.

She paired the look with a long-sleeved, white button-down shirt that fell off shoulders and down to her arms.

In the first two images, Cindy appeared to be in a kitchen, standing at a table. A bottle of wine was posed on the counter, along with a full glass next to it. And in the second photo, the glass was in her hand.

The third photo simply featured the model standing in front of a different table, placing her hands on the chair backs.

She seemed to wear her caramel-colored hair half-up, half-down, with some strands pulled behind her ears. Two locks framed her face, cascading down her cheeks in twin waves. The rest of her tresses tumbled down her shoulders in a beachy, carefree style.

As for her jewelry, Cindy accessorized with gold hoops. Her nails were lacquered with a nude polish.

Cindy’s dark brows looked to be groomed and shaped; they arched over her eyes. Her upper and lower lashes seemed to be coated with black mascara. Her lids and waterline appeared to be swiped with kohl eyeliner.

Her cheeks looked to be brushed with a golden bronzer, making her sun-kissed skin look even more tanned, and her lips seemed to be filled in with a reddish-pink hue.

In the comments section of the post, followers were eager to discuss the model’s latest look. While some commented solely with emoji, others left her lengthier messages.

Some remarked on her two-piece.

“Love this suit where is it from,” asked a fan, following up the comment with two heart-eye emoji.

“Omg bathing suit!!!!” wrote a second person, including two heart-eye emoji and two flame emoji.

“You look gorgeous babe,” declared a follower, adding a yellow heart. “Where is your bikini from?”

Others commented on her overall look.

“Literally going to cry from how pretty u are,” shared another social media user, punctuating their comment with a sparkle emoji and two blue hearts.

At the time of this writing, the photo set has racked up more than 12,000 likes and close to 200 comments.