White House Advisers Reportedly Clashing On How The Administration Should Respond To Black Lives Matter

According to an investigative report by NBC News, White House staffers are clashing over the way the administration should treat the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

BLM has been the driving force behind national protests following Floyd's death while in police custody. The movement, whose protests have at times devolved into riots and looting, has demanded police reform in cities across the United States. Some group leaders have even gone so far as to demand that police in major cities be completely defunded.

The Trump Administration has been clear in their messaging that they support police. However, their statements on the death of Floyd and other issues surrounding the movement have been somewhat more inconsistent.

NBC reported that White House insiders have revealed the president is "caught" between his advisor's varying viewpoints. Some are urging him to calm an outraged public, while others are insisting that he keep an authoritarian hold on power.

The president has been reluctant to side fully with one group or another, according to the report, and that lack of a decision could cost him in the minds of Americans.

"It looks like he's bewildered right now," one political adviser said, according to NBC.

"We're losing the culture war because we won't engage directly, because we're so scared to be called racist."
One tense meeting between strategists came on the day of the president's now-infamous photo-op in front of St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. President Donald Trump has been loath to give ground to protesters that he says aren't his voters, which has some aides calling him "out of touch" with the social issues of the day.
One White House official told NBC that the president "doesn't see the protests as directly about him — which is accurate — it's a result of decades of racism in our country."
"So he's been inclined to only weigh in to the extent he feels he needs to. He doesn't want to make this 'Trump versus the protestors,' more he's the outsider factor that can bring about law and order."
Trump is battling a clock, as any damages to his reputation will have less time to heal before the November election.

His presumptive opponent, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, has not let the opportunity to draw attention to what some consider the weakness of indications in his opponent pass him by. The Inquisitr previously reported that Biden went so far as to say that Trump was "paralyzed with fear" hiding from Americans during the protest.