Lindsey Pelas Teases OnlyFans Account In A Low-Cut Top

Blond bombshell Lindsey Pelas took to her Instagram stories on Thursday, May 21, to share a photo of herself wearing a plunging ensemble that revealed her "genetically gifted" curves. The 29-year-old model used the image to promote her OnlyFans account.

Lindsey looked at the camera with bedroom eyes, squinting them slightly as she "smized." She held out one arm to take the selfie, stretching it as far as possible in order to capture as much of the outfit as she could in the snap. She bent her other arm at the elbow, tugging at her white blouse to pull it down even lower.

The gauzy garment featured a neckline so low that her voluptuous chest almost spilled out of it. Her buxom bust and ample cleavage were on display. The open top boasted several buttons that were undone in order to showcase the full extent of Lindsey's chest.

She wore a straw hat with a large brim that circled her head.

"Posting all my exclusive content now on Only Fans," Lindsey wrote in the caption of the post.

OnlyFans is a platform that allows fans to pay for a subscription in order to get exclusive video content from celebrities, though the content in question is usually explicitly NSFW.

Her brown brows arched high over her sea-green eyes. They appeared shaped, groomed and filled in with pencil. She seemed to wear a light bronze shadow on her lids that hit her brow bone. Lindsey's feathery lashes curled upwards and fanned outward in dramatic fashion. It looked as if she also wore a thin swipe of black liner on her lids, and her waterline appeared to be filled in with kohl liner. Her lower lashes seemed to be coated with black mascara.

Lindsey's sculpted cheeks looked to be dusted with bronzer, which made her cheekbones pop. She also seemed to be wearing a raspberry-colored liner and a carnation pink gloss on her plump pout. The corners of her mouth turned upward into a smile, showing off her pearly white teeth.

Meanwhile, her tresses cascaded down her shoulders in curls, each flaxen strand a different shade of blond.

As Lindsey Pelas fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the Louisiana-born model frequently shares racy snaps of herself on her Instagram grid and in her Instagram stories. Most recently, she posted a photo in which she wore a zippered black top that showcased her décolletage.