Spanish Fitness Model Neiva Mara Shoots Alluring Low-Angle Photo And Promotes New Instagram Account

At 5-feet-4-inches — according to Greatest Physiques— Spanish fitness model Neiva Mara isn't terribly tall. However, in a recent Instagram photo, she used the power of camera positioning to her advantage.

The camera appeared to be on the floor as Neiva stood proudly, looking down in a way that could make even the tallest fan feel diminished. The position also gave viewers a unique glimpse of Neiva and her outfit, which featured a black skirt and top.

This was an upskirt snap, and Neiva did not appear to be wearing any panties. However, the lack of lightning in certain areas meant that nothing too explicit was shown. However, this was still a photo that had plenty going on.

Neiva's top wasn't completely displayed due to the photo's angle. However, viewers could see that multiple gold chains linked the two pieces together. The model had the chains partially wrapped around her fingers, with pink polish also visible on some of her nails.

The undersides of Neiva's breasts were also very prominent, and the upper portion of her stomach was visible. Her curvy butt wasn't featured, but fans surely knew they wouldn't have to go far to see that asset. This image gave her admirers a chance to see her from an angle that wasn't typical of her.

Neiva's light brown hair could be seen flowing against her left shoulder. It appeared somewhat tousled but not uncared for. Her lips were slightly parted as she showed some of her upper teeth in an intriguing half-smile. The background was bare, only showing some white walls and ceiling. This gave fans the chance to fully focus on the model and her beauty.

"Hottie," one fan succinctly commented, with fire emoji.

"you are very good i love you," a second follower remarked.

"Wow [two heart-eye emoji] love you babe," said another person, seemingly very forward in their admiration.

Fellow model Jenna Shea commented with a fire emoji.

Neiva used this post as an opportunity to promote her new account, @neivaone. In the caption, she indicated that the particular account would have posts fans aren't expecting. While @neivaone has yet to be verified, it already has more than 193,000 followers. There are currently seven photos on the account — all featuring Neiva. The first was posted on May 15.

This update, posted on her @neivamara account, has received more than 97,000 likes so far from her 5.4 million followers. It has also received close to 2,000 comments.