May 15, 2020
Rachel Cook Shows Some Skin, Tells People Not To 'Dim Your Light'

Former Playboy model Rachel Cook shared a sizzling-hot pair of photos on her Instagram page on Friday afternoon. She appeared to be nude, or nearly nude, as she lounged on a bed and gazed seductively toward the photographer. Her fans wasted no time in showing their appreciation for these sultry snaps.

The pair of photos that Rachel uploaded showed her wearing a wig with long brunette tresses. She appeared to be wearing a light, natural makeup palette for this particular photo shoot. It appeared that she chose to wear a pale pink color on her lips along with a light coat of mascara. Rachel's baby blue eyes popped in these photos and captured everybody's attention.

Rachel had the hair of the wig styled casually. The tresses cascaded over her shoulders and obscured her bare chest. She was lying on what appeared to be a bed and she propped herself on her bent arms. One hand gently rested over the other in front of her and she had one leg bent with her bare foot visible behind her.

There was no hint of clothing on Rachel's incredible physique in these shots. She was carefully positioned so that her followers could see hints of her curves and pert booty without anything too salacious being revealed.

In her caption, the former Playboy model encouraged people to shine in whatever way works for them. She told people to avoid dimming their own light just to fit in or try to feel more comfortable, and this sentiment clearly resonated with her 2.6 million followers.

"Incredibly gorgeous babe," wrote one impressed follower.

"Sooo pretty! A face that could launch a thousand ships," detailed a fan.

"Absolutely stunning and incredibly beautiful," praised another fan.

"all about them eyes," teased a fourth fan.

Nearly 55,000 people liked this insightful post within the first hour after she had initially shared it on her social media page. Almost 500 people commented as well, and it appeared that it was nothing but love for this sultry look and motivational caption.

Rachel has been sharing quite a few salacious looks on her Instagram page over the past couple of weeks. One jaw-dropping video from a few days ago showed her next to her van, "Ed," while wearing a short brown wig and skimpy set of black lingerie.

The former Playboy model has been toying with a wide variety of hairstyles, with her natural hair still short in a pixie style. Rachel's body always looks sizzling hot and this pair of snaps shows that even a hint of nudity is enough to raise temperatures.