Madison Woolley Stuns In A White Eyelet Two-Piece Set At The Beach

Madison Woolley takes a selfie.
Madison Woolley / Instagram

Madison Woolley took to her Instagram to share two photos of herself enjoying time at the beach. In Wednesday’s post, the Australian model sported a dainty eyelet two-piece set from an online fashion retailer called Boohoo.

Madison was snapped at a beach in Sydney. The pictures appeared to have been taken around late afternoon when the sun wasn’t so high. In the first photo, she sat on a big rock, leaning backward and using her right hand as support. She looked to the side and stared into the distance. She used her left hand to shade her eyes from the glaring light caused by the sunset. She bent her legs, which lifted her skirt and exposed more skin.

The second snap showed the babe in the same pose, only for that shot, she smiled brightly. The stunning view of the ocean coming up to shore and the coastline made up the background.

The 21-year-old rocked a white sleeveless eyelet crop top, seemingly made of linen or cotton. A hint of her feminine curves could be seen underneath the garment. The base had a scalloped design, which added a nice touch to the piece. The top seemed a bit loose, but that could have been a result of the photos’ angle. She wore a matching skirt, though from her pose, it was hard to tell whether the skirt was high-waisted. It seemed to be of a decent length, extending at least past her knees.

Madison appeared to have enhanced her looks with a full face of makeup. The application seemed to include a high-coverage foundation, darkened eyebrows, eyeshadow, and several coats of mascara. She also appeared to have applied blush and nude lipstick. As for her accessories, she opted for silver-colored hoop earrings, tiny stud earrings, and a bracelet. She tied her platinum blond hair up in a bun.

In the caption, Madison wrote about the time of day, adding a butterfly emoji. She also tagged Boohoo and provided a discount code for her fans.

In less than a day, the share gained more than 7,600 likes and upward of 90 comments. A lot of her online admirers flocked to the comments section to write some adoring messages, telling her how beautiful she looked. Some others didn’t have a lot to say, choosing to chime in using a string of emoji instead.

“Real life angel,” a fellow influencer commented.

“This picture is stunning,” gushed an admirer.

“Stunning photography you have here,” a third social media user wrote.