Chris Soules & Victoria Fuller Send Not-So-Subtle Sign That Seemingly Confirms They’re Together In Iowa

Former 'The Bachelor' Chris Soules attends an event for iHeartRadio
Isaac Brekken / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Former The Bachelor star Chris Soules and recent show “villain” Victoria Fuller are generating a fresh round of buzz about a possible romance between them. Last week, spoiler king Reality Steve revealed that Victoria and Chris had connected and she was spending the week with him in Iowa. Now, the two seem to be essentially confirming that with recent social media posts.

Over the past week, franchise fans have noticed signs thanks to Instagram that seemed to confirm that Chris and Victoria were together at his home in Iowa. As Us Weekly notes, the latest sign seems to be quite clear.

On Tuesday, both Chris and Victoria shared short videos via their Instagram stories. Chris posted first, showing a field that is surely a part of his Iowa farm. Around an hour later, Victoria shared a farm scene via her Instagram stories.

Victoria could be seen in the rear-view mirror of a truck filming, apparently from the passenger side of the vehicle. Since Chris runs the family farm in Iowa, it’s not unusual for him to show glimpses of the work via his social media pages. On the other hand, this is not a typical activity for Victoria and the timing of those two clips seems unlikely to be a coincidence.

This isn’t the first time in the past week that The Bachelor fans have picked up on similarities in shots shared by both Chris and Victoria on Instagram. For example, a light brown couch and pillows were spotted in one of Victoria’s recent posts and they appear to sync with a photo Chris shared from his living room a few years ago.

Chris, 38, and Victoria, 26, have yet to officially confirm any type of relationship between them. However, it seems that she has been in Iowa with him for a week now, and they certainly are not denying they are together or that a romance is seemingly brewing.

During Peter’s season, Victoria dealt with a lot of drama regarding rumors coming from her private life. These rumors spilled over into how her relationship with Peter progressed and it seems she’s still trying to get past the sting of it all.

As for Chris, he spent the last couple of years dealing with the aftermath of a fatal car accident that took the life of one of his neighbors. It seems possible that the shared experiences of being in The Bachelor world along with some real-life, public drama may be giving the two an easy way to connect with one another.

If Chris and Victoria do end up in a true, lasting romance, it will probably surprise a lot of franchise fans. People definitely will be keeping an eye on social media in the days ahead to see what else the two seem to hint at or overtly reveal.