Lady Gaga Wears Futuristic Pink Bikini & Platform Heels In New Album Art For 'Chromatica'

Lady Gaga, 34, debuted the album art for her sixth studio album Chromatica with Instagram on Sunday, April 5, wearing a futuristic pink bikini in the cyber-punk styled photo. The Oscar-winning songwriter unveiled her new look to her social media fan base of 40.4 million, showing off a return to the art-pop design she embraced for her debut album The Fame in 2008.

In a series of four images, Gaga is captured in two poses.

The first was a scene still from the video for the album's first single "Stupid Love," the first track of the upcoming 16 songs in total that will be included on the album. "Stupid Love" was released on February 28.

The image was captured by photographer Norbert Schoerner in a fashion shoot directed by Nicola Formichetti, reported The Daily Mail.

In the first photo, Gaga is wearing a black leather bodysuit with what appears to be a snake around her neck. Her left arm is decorated with an armor that has a multitude of black spikes upon it. Her nails are long and fierce, painted black and looking like weapons. Her right leg is sporting a silver brace that runs its length from her thigh to the bottom of the platform shoe attached to it. On the left side, Gaga wears a black leather band attached to a platform shoe. These were designed by Cecilio Castrillo, reported The Daily Mail.

The second image is that of the album art, which consists of a white vinyl record with a bubble gum pink circle in the center. On the left side is the stylized title of the record and Gaga's name, but other pertinent information on the label has been blurred out.

A third share shows Mother Monster in a pink futuristic bikini. Her hair is a shocking pink and pulled into a high ponytail. Her face fashion is dramatic, with lots of heavy eye makeup and red markings on the apples of both her cheeks, forehead, and chin. Feathered shoulder pads give her the look of a large bird. Impossibly high-heeled platform shoes feature attached straps that circle the singer and songwriter's long legs all the way up to her thighs. Gloves that end in long nails adorn her hands.

The fourth image is the same as the third, but in a smaller version as it is the cover of the soon-to-be-released cassette tape.

Chromatica was scheduled to be released April 10 but was pushed to an as-yet-to-be-determined date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans were thrilled by the sequence of photos and shared their excitement in the comments section of the post.

"Let the battle begin! Fight for love!" said one fan.

"I'm buying a record player just so I can buy that record. Sick!" stated a second follower.

"I'm so ready for this, come on Chromatica, let us hear you!" said a third Instagram user.

"I don't think we are ready," remarked a fourth fan.