March 25, 2020
Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flashes Underboob In Costume Inspired By 'Rugrats' Character Chuckie

Cosplay model Liz Katz amazed her fans with a colorful costume based on one of the characters from the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats.

On Tuesday, Liz took to Instagram to show off her latest risque cosplay creation. She was dressed up like Chuckie Finster, a redheaded scaredy-baby whose distinctive look made it easy for her followers to figure out who she was supposed to be.

Liz was rocking a real-life replica of Chuckie's blue T-shirt emblazoned with a red-and-yellow image of the planet Saturn. The top was rolled up so that it only covered the top half of the model's ample bust. Liz wasn't wearing a bra, so she was exposing a significant amount of underboob.

Instead of sporting baggy green shorts like those that Chuckie wears, Liz amped up the sex appeal of her look even more by rocking a scanty set of dark teal underwear. Her costume also included a pair of tall off-white tube socks, which she was wearing pushed down. Her footwear was a pair of bright red and white canvas sneakers. Like Chuckie, she wore them with the laces untied.

Liz accessorized her costume with over-sized plastic glasses with square purple frames. She completed her look with an orange wig that had long, thick bangs that framed her face. She was wearing the hairpiece styled in high pigtails.

Liz was posing on a wooden staircase. The blond bombshell was sitting on one step with her back against the wall and both knees bent. Her right foot was resting on the same step she was seated on, while her left foot was positioned on the step below. Her right arm was upraised so that her hand was resting on top of her head, while her left arm was straight down at her side against the wall.

Liz's glossy hot pink lips were slightly parted as she gave the camera a sultry look. In the caption of her post, she quoted Chuckie's best friend, Tommy Pickles.

As of this writing, Liz's cartoon costume has racked up over 44,000 likes. However, some of her Instagram followers confessed that they weren't exactly sure how to feel about her dressing up like a sexy version of an innocent character from their childhood.

"This is giving me mixed feelings," read one response to her photo.

"I'm so confused right now," another fan wrote.

Liz also received plenty of praise for nailing her costume.

"This is very sexy, but most of all the attention to detail is wonderful," remarked one admirer.

"When you do it girl, you really do it!" read another comment.

While Liz's Rugrats costume was playful and fun, she stunned her fans with a dark and rather morbid look earlier this week. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she sported a plague mask for a costume inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.