‘Playboy’ Model Kindly Myers Drives Her Fans Wild With A Sexy Bikini Pic

Kindly MeyersInstagram

Playboy model Kindly Myers gave her fans the perfect gift for the weekend with a new photo that showed off her magnificent curves. The sexy blonde wore a skimpy micro bikini from Bitsy’s Bikinis while posing for photographer Joe Damaso.

In the snap, the self-proclaimed “professional smokeshow” wore a scandalous blue two-piece bathing suit with pale yellow accents that left little to the imagination. The triangular-cut halter top could barely contain Kindly’s sizeable bosom. Fans were given a glorious view of her substantial chest and her cleavage. She also flaunted her lean torso and delicate curve of her waist, as well as her thighs.

Kindly’s bottoms rode dangerously low on her hips. The string ties kept her bottoms in place, but the start of her pelvic region was visible due to the low-rise material.

The model accessorized her look with a silver necklace and a matching belly button piercing. She left her gorgeous golden mane loose, allowing her locks to cascade down her side. Kindly parted her lips and gazed into the camera with a sultry expression on her face. She leaned against the trunk of a palm tree while positioning her hands carefully, using one to rake through her blond tresses and the other to tease a stray strand playfully.

For her makeup, Kindly wore frosted pink lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and bronzer.

Kindly didn’t say where the image was taken, but it appeared to be inside of a photo studio with a beach backdrop, although it is possible that the photo was taken on location.

In less than 12 hours, Kindly’s post racked up more than 17,200 likes and over 300 comments. Fans flocked to her comments section to praise her good looks and rave about the fantastic image.

“Gorgeous beautiful pretty cute angel I love you so much,” wrote one fan, inserting several red heart emoji into their remark.

“Kindly you look absolutely stunning,” gushed another admirer, adding a few butterfly emoji to their message.

“Ok you’re literally goals,” complimented a third user.

“BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT BODY,” chimed in a fourth person.

Dozens of other fans contributed to Kindly’s post. Many of them opted to express themselves via emoji instead of text. The most commonly used emoji were flames, hearts, flowers, and kisses.

Previously, The Inquisitr reported that Kindly had shared an image of herself in matching bra and panties. The tattoo on the side of her torso was visible in the shot.