Actor Timothy Hutton Accused Of Sexual Assault On Underage Girl In 1983

Actor Timothy Hutton, who is currently starring on the Fox drama Almost Family, has been accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in 1983. A report published in BuzzFeed says Sera Johnston, who filed a complaint against Hutton with the Vancouver police department last year, said she was assaulted by the actor while he was there filming Iceman.

In the report, Johnston says that she was just 14 when she and two friends were invited to Hutton's hotel room. Johnston said that she was raped by both Hutton and one of his friends after entering the room. She said that Hutton dismissed all of her protestations, and she ultimately wound up begging him to stop.

"Please, don't do this. I can't do it. I can't," she recalls saying.

Hutton denied the statements to BuzzFeed, calling the story "fabricated" and "patently false." He also said that he had never met Johnston. In explaining why the accusations weren't made sooner, Johnston said that she had waited until the #MeToo movement gained strength because she was worried that no one would believe her.

In addition to publishing Johnston's story, BuzzFeed also tracked down one of the women who was with her that night. The woman, who had not spoken with Johnston in decades, confirmed her account of their trip to Hutton's hotel room. The woman was identified only by her initials in the story and also signed a sworn affidavit, under penalty of perjury, backing up her statement.

Buzzfeed also tracked down five other sources who Johnston had told the story to over the years. Johnston's mother, who was a set decorator at the time, said that she and her daughter considered going to the police at the time of the incident. They were concerned they would be blackballed from the industry, and so the ultimately decided against it.

After Johnston, now 50, acquired a lawyer, she and Hutton's legal team entered arbitration. Initially, Johnston agreed to a $135,000 settlement. After realizing that it meant the Ordinary People actor would be able to deny any wrongdoing, though, she changed her mind.

An ex-boyfriend of Johnston's also reached out to Hutton's friend, who was with him in the hotel room that night, and said that he would be willing to broker a settlement. That move gave Hutton's legal team a chance to question Johnston's credibility.

In discussing how the incident had impacted her, Johnston said that the alleged assault "has colored every area of my life."