Tana Mongeau Exposes Chest In Mesh Bra During Totally Wild Trip To Miami

Mizuki Hisaka

Tana Mongeau updated her 5.1 million Instagram followers today on her trip to Miami, Florida. Her latest post was a mix of 10 photos and videos, some of which that showed the blonde exposing her chest in a mesh bra. The set and caption revealed the totally wild time she had in the city, which included some ups and downs.

The stunner wore a variety of different outfits throughout the Instagram set, considering that it captured moments over multiple days. The most revealing ensemble that she wore was arguably the one that she sported in the second and fifth parts of the update.

The latter part was a video that featured Tana sitting next to a friend, who showed her how to balance her drink on her forearm before leaning back to chug it. As the bombshell raised her arm, she revealed her risqué look, which included a sports bra-like top with thick straps and a high scoop neckline. It was made of mesh, which meant that her assets were completely left on display.

On the other hand, the second part of the post showed Tana sitting down with her hands on her chest, which partly censored her outfit. A friend stood behind her and also helped cover the YouTuber's breasts with her hands, and the duo looked like they were enjoying their night out. This was evident as Tana glanced over at the camera while sticking her tongue out, a piece of her bangs framing the side of her face. In addition, a male friend stood next to the girls with his hand on his forehead, looking surprised at what he was seeing.

She wore her hair down in a middle part and accessorized with a chunky charm necklace. Her makeup included purple eyeshadow, a thin, slanted cat-eye, and pink lipstick.

"Lmaooo these are gold," said an admirer.

"YOU LOOK SO GOOD," raved a supporter.

"It looks like you had so much fun aww," wrote a fan.

"How you be cute after a car accident??" wondered a fourth social media user.

In addition, Tana flaunted her chest in another update from three days ago. That time, the focus was on her cleavage as she rocked a lacy red lingerie set. The bra had lace trim along the top and she paired it with bottoms and an unclipped garter belt. Also notable was her runny makeup, as she wrote in the caption that she was experiencing a "mental breakdown."