Brooks Laich Brings Divorce Lawyer Onto Podcast Amid Rumors Of Trouble With Wife Julianne Hough

Angela WeissGetty Images

Despite the rumors that have been swirling for the past few months, neither Brooks Laich or Julianne Hough have commented on the speculation that their marriage is in trouble. Both have posted some cryptic quotes and notes on their Instagram pages, but fans were happy to see Julianne and Brooks out-and-about together for breakfast last weekend. Now, his latest podcast episode titled “Should We Split This?” seems to hint at the relationship challenges he is navigating with his wife.

As Us Weekly notes, Brooks and his podcast partner Gavin DeGraw brought on infamous divorce lawyer Laura Wasser for their latest episode. This certainly wasn’t an attempt on Brooks’ part to air all of his dirty laundry and openly talk about getting a divorce or drop any big announcements.

However, Brooks did talk about changing relationships and referenced Julianne.

“I’m going to change in the course of my life. My wife is going to change in the course of her life. But also, I think people over time can develop some sort of indifference, and it’s not staying connected enough to continue to learn and grow and accept your changes, accept their changes and also challenge each other,” Brooks shared.

Brooks mentioned that there are many resources available for those facing divorces, and he emphasized how essential it is for spouses to continue communicating with one another.

“I don’t think a lot of people in their marriage really, really, truthfully communicate all the needs and desires and cravings and yearnings they have for themselves, for their partner, all of it. I think they lack a little bit of courage there, to share those things that could really actually keep people together and, like, light their marriage on fire,” he noted.

It certainly sounds as if Brooks has been doing a lot of reflection and work on himself and his marriage, and it doesn’t seem that he is ready to give up by any stretch. In fact, at the end of his podcast, he told Laura that he had learned quite a bit during their talk and he noted that he hopes he never ends up on her divorce-related podcast.

It doesn’t appear that Julianne has commented on Brooks’ latest podcast episode. However, she did share a clip via her Instagram Stories that was originally posted by Brooks on his Instagram page.

In the clip, Brooks was talking with Dr. John Amaral, the same guru who did an energy release treatment with Julianne recently that generated a lot of buzz.

The fact that Julianne shared that clip from Brooks’ page is surely in part due to her appreciation for the doctor and the experience she had with him. However, fans might take it as a good sign that she was resharing something from her husband’s page when the two haven’t shared photos of one another on Instagram for a while now.

Can Julianne and Brooks work through what appears to be a challenging time in their marriage? They have a lot of people rooting for them, and it appears that they are certainly working on things.