Fitness Influencer Krissy Cela Rocks Blue Sports Bra And Matching Shorts For ‘Beginner’ Toning Workout

Krissy Cela poses for a selfie on her Instagram page
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness model Krissy Cela showcased a beginner toning routine in the latest video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a blue sports bra and a matching pair of booty shorts, the brunette beauty started the workout with a set of lateral lunges. The next clip saw her perform a set of standing leg abductions before she moved on to curtsy lunges. In the fourth and final video, Krissy completed a set of lying abductions, which required her to lie down on her side on a yoga mat.

In the caption, Krissy shared that she designed the circuit to give beginners the confidence to start working out, no matter their level of physical fitness. She revealed that when she first started working out, she was overwhelmed and found the gym “suffocating.”

Krissy went on to add that those memories of her early workout experiences encouraged her to make her Instagram content as accessible as she could. This is the reason why she doesn’t post videos of herself doing “intense challenges” and advanced weight training sessions.

In the comments section, fans praised her for making her workouts inclusive.

“Love the fact your workouts are for everyone – regardless of how advanced one is with working out,” one person wrote.

She also got compliments on her chiseled physique.

“A lovely and simple workout. Nothing too crazy lol!!! Loving it,” another Instagram user added. “I’m loving your long legs… so sexy!!!”

“So beautifully toned,” a third person wrote. “This is a great beginner workout.”

“Krissy, your physique at the moment is looking second to none,” a fourth commenter added.

Krissy also received plenty of questions about her workout gear, but as of this writing, she hasn’t disclosed their source.

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⭐️ @TONEANDSCULPTAPP BEGINNER THIGH TONER CHALLENGE !! TAG YOUR BESTIE ????‍♀️ to give this ago it’s for everyone to try! I wanted to make sure that every single person is able to try something regardless of what your ability is. I remember when I first started the gym everything was so overwhelming and suffocating! Hence why I’ve made it my duty to make my page and app accessible for absolutely every single person ❗️ regardless of what your ability is. I’m not just going to post intense challenges I’m not just going to post advanced weight training…. I want something for EVERYONE . METHOD: try this after your leg day! 1️⃣ Lateral Lunges 12 Reps Each Leg 2️⃣ Standing Leg Abductions 15 Reps Each Leg 3️⃣ Curtsy Lunges 12 Reps Each Leg 4️⃣ Lying Abductions 15 Reps Each Leg SONG: Andiamo By @truekapo

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In a previous workout, the bombshell fitness influencer wore a similar bra in pink as she demonstrated an upper body workout with dumbbells. In the circuit, she performed sets of military presses, incline presses, and pull-a-parts, and In the caption of the post, Krissy shared that the definition in her arms has been achieved thanks to discipline and persistence.

“I have honestly seen such a big improvement in my upper body strength and appearance in general over the years of training,” she wrote. “It’s taken time, consistency and honestly so many trials and errors.”

The post proved popular with her fans, as it has racked up over 30,000 likes and more than 250 comments since it was uploaded two days ago.