Bella Thorne Wears A Bikini, Hugs A Palm Tree On Instagram

To wrap up her blissful Dominican Republic vacation with boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, Bella Thorne shared a series of Instagram photos summarizing the getaway.

Clad in various bikinis throughout the Instagram slideshow, the former Disney Channel star's first photo is of herself hugging a tree with her leg wrapped around the trunk. She wore a loose-fitting white, long-sleeved top that fluttered in the breeze, while her white, beachy pants sported the same gauzy fabric.

Her auburn, windswept hair fell straight down her back, starting off dark at her roots and tumbling down into a reddish, caramel color. As per usual, Bella went fresh-faced and didn't wear a drop of makeup in the image, choosing instead to let the sunlight illuminate her face in its natural glow. It worked, and a hint of the sun even glittered on the apple of her cheek.

Bella wore a cobalt blue string bikini top in the photo, which popped against her white ensemble. The bathing suit displayed the actress' toned, sun-kissed abs. The actress looked at the camera with a giant grin on her face, showing off her pearly white teeth. She also wore a bracelet on one wrist.

The background showed off the beauty of the locale, featuring a blue sky, cerulean water, and green palm trees that swayed in the breeze.

The other images featured Bella, Benjamin, her sister Dani, and Dani's boyfriend, Mark Evans. These photos showed the foursome posing on top of an ATV in the sand, Dani and Mark kissing, and Bella and Benjamin looking at each other lovingly as they swam in a waterfall.

On her Instagram story, she and Benjamin laid in bed together as they promoted the Instagram set.

"Check my last post," Bella repeated in the selfie video, which her boyfriend echoed in the background as the two were wrapped up in the white sheets.

At one point, Benjamin pointed to the camera with his finger, which Bella pretended to bite off.

Bella's 22 million Instagram followers, of course, did see her latest slideshow and rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts. The post has racked up more than 255,000 likes and 627 comments at the time of this writing.

"Beautiful girl," one follower commented, adding a yellow heart emoji. "Love seeing you smile."

"You look so beautiful and alive," another said, including a heart-eye emoji.

"You always have the best vacation pics," one user wrote. "Hope it was fun with your fam and man."

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Bella has kept fans in the loop during her entire trip, sharing multiple bikini shots — as well as two posts thirsting over her shirtless boyfriend.