'Shameless' Fans Beg Noel Fisher To Protect His Face & Lips

Trisha Faulkner

Noel Fisher's latest Instagram activity has some of his followers concerned for the safety of his precious face and lips.

Fisher sent his Instagram followers swooning when he shared a selfie of his banged-up face with a bruise under his eye and blood smeared across one side of his forehead. With his eyebrows raised and twisted, he revealed to his followers that climbing in windows wasn't the easiest task in the world.

The official Instagram account for the hit Showtime series Shameless was among one of the first to comment on the post, as the account encouraged Noel to "protect the face." The comment quickly accumulated over 450 likes and several responses as many agreed.

One individual noted it was "a million-dollar face." Another added that his gorgeous face must be protected "at all costs." Several others echoed the importance of protecting his face as they gushed about how "beautiful" it was. In addition to his face, a few noted that his lips were equally important to protect.

As fans who have seen the trailer for tomorrow night's episode of Shameless know, Mickey (Noel Fisher) finally makes an appearance outside of the prison walls. Between the trailer and the teasers Noel has dropped on his profile, fans know Mickey climbs in a window and steals a passionate kiss from Ian (Cameron Monaghan).

Unfortunately for anxious fans, the sneak previews have not given any information regarding how Fisher's character gets out of the joint. Given the fact that Mickey was doing serious time, fans are fearing the worst as it wouldn't be the first time that his character has broke out of jail.

For "Gallavich" fans, the problem with this theory stems from the fact that last time Mickey broke out of prison, he ended up on the run and went to Mexico.

Fans remain hopeful that Mickey was not brought back to the series for Season 10 only to exit in the exact same fashion as he did a few seasons ago. With all his father's connections behind bars, it is also possible his father found a way to spring him. This is a questionable theory, as he and his father were not exactly on good terms. As fans will recall, his father wasn't supportive of Mickey being homosexual.

Outside of obsessing over his face, his followers took to the comments to gush about how much they love Noel and how much they missed his character in the show.

While the how remains unclear, fans will finally get to see a "Gallavich" reunion outside of prison walls in tomorrow night's episode of Shameless.