Ariana James Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous In A White Crochet String Bikini

Ariana James takes a selfie
Ariana James / Instagram

Fitness model Ariana James is soaking up the sun in her latest Instagram update posted on Friday evening. The raven-haired beauty is pictured sitting outside wearing nothing but a skimpy white crochet bikini.

It may be winter, but it looks like wherever Ariana is in her photo, she’s feeling the heat. The leaves on the trees behind her are bright green, and the sunlight is shining down on her gorgeous head of hair. Plus, the model looks quite comfortable outdoors in a bikini that only covers her most private parts.

Her knit bra is held up by strings with a cute tie in the middle of her breasts. Ariana is not shy about flaunting her cleavage in this photo. The curve of both her breasts is plenty visible thanks to her posture. The model has her arms spread out behind her on either side of an iron railing, making her back arch and her chest press forth towards the camera lens.

Equally eye-catching is Ariana’s smooth and perfectly flat abdomen. Her millions of admirers are sure to let their gaze drag down the expanse of her stomach all the way down to the waistband of her tiny bikini bottoms. Further down are her curvy thighs and spectacularly toned legs.

Ariana looks serene in her photo. She isn’t wearing any make-up, not that she needs it. Her cheeks have a natural pink flush from the heat. To accessorize, Ariana has adorned herself with a black choker necklace, the center of which has a few turquoise beads and gold clasps.

The photo has only been live on Instagram for about five hours, but it already has 76,201 likes and more than 1,000 comments. Ariana has fans across the globe, so it’s fitting that her comments section is full of fans speaking in different languages. The majority of her admirers are offering praise in English or Spanish.

Most of them are raving about her beauty, but many are responding to the question she posed in her photo caption which roughly translates to, “what emoji defines you?” Ariana chose a mouse emoji for herself.

Ariana is having a great Friday as evidenced by her many Instagram updates. The Inquisitr reported earlier today that the brunette stunner shared a photo of herself topless, wearing nothing but a metallic mermaid dress. Even though her cleavage isn’t visible in the earlier photo, the tight fit of her dress wraps perfectly around her perky behind.