Hannah Godwin’s Newest Insta Pic Is All About Her Booty

Hannah Godwin wears a satin suit.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

A new Instagram pic Sunday from Hannah Godwin was all about her booty. She wore a white T-shirt and high-waisted pink pants for the shot. The model stood with her right shoulder facing the camera, as she glanced back at the camera with a flirty expression. She was seen holding her hands together in front of her.

The Bachelor in Paradise star wore her hair up in a casual bun, with bangs framing her face. She appeared to be wearing a matching pink scrunchie, while her makeup looked very natural. Hannah wore light eyeshadow, glossy lipstick and a hint of mascara. She accessorized with drop earrings.

In the caption, she quoted the song, “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. This prompted many people to comment on her derriere. However, the most-liked comment was from her fiancé, Dylan Barbour.

“You’ve got anything butt a flat booty,” he said.

“Butt I love you,” responded Hannah.

The cute exchange prompted many fans to comment on their relationship.

“You and Dylan are such beautiful nerds,” wrote a follower.

Others didn’t seem to take note of the captions and simply complimented the blonde.

“Ur stunning ily biggest fan hope u have an amazing day!” gushed an admirer.

Even so, not everyone got the song lyric reference.

“I thought bigger butts were the thing? Kardashians, JLo, etc?” wondered a fourth Instagram user.

The reality TV star was seen posing outdoors in a crowded area. She stood in front of a seating area with a black table and four chairs. A matching sun umbrella was placed in the middle with a stone fountain in the background. The area was further decorated with large, white planters with small trees. Outdoor heating lamps were interspersed throughout, with more seating visible beyond a low fence. It looked like a restaurant or lounge, although the model didn’t specify her location.

The photo was taken on a sunny day, with some of the rays lighting up the top of the frame.

Hannah previously shared another outfit that allowed her to show off her figure. She was seen posing against a chain-link fence, as she rocked a crop top, spandex shorts and a plaid jacket. She completed her look with a pair of white sneakers and wore her hair down in a middle part. The first photo showed her standing up as she bent her knee. Behind her was a low planter with foliage. This update was geotagged in Hollywood.