Stella Maxwell Kicks Her Leg Into The Air While Posing On A Table

Stella Maxwell shared a new Thanksgiving-related Instagram post today, which showed her posing on a table while hamming it up for the camera. She was seen wearing an all-black outfit, which included a crop top with long sleeves and a pair of tight leggings. The model lay on her left side in the middle of a table, propping her head up with her right arm. She looked straight at the camera while smiling with her lips closed and threw her left leg straight into the air. This emphasized her toned legs while also revealing that she was wearing black sneakers.

The Victoria's Secret model also wore her hair down in a middle part, brushing her locks behind her shoulders. Her red lipstick was visible as she held up a sunflower by her face.

The table that she lay on was in a dining room with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A brown floral tablecloth decorated the room, which had light bulge walls and a giant turkey decoration in the back corner. It had an orange neck and brown body and was placed in front of a painting in a black-and-gold frame. Stella lay in front of a pie, which was also surrounded by five turkey-shaped chocolate candies in their wrappers. A doorway could be seen in the back left side, with a shelf displaying black-and-white plates.

Meanwhile, the video clip showed Stella not only kicking her leg in an upward direction, but also playing with the sunflower in her hands.

A number of fans gushed about Stella in the comments section.

"Happy Thanksgiving Angel.... all the love," wrote a follower.

"Exercising prior to eating thanksgivings dinner," joked an admirer.

"I'll take seconds off that pie," declared a fan.

"I wish my table looked like this...," noted a fourth Instagram user.

While nobody else was spotted in the photo, it looked like the blonde was planning to enjoy an intimate Thanksgiving dinner.

In addition, the stunner recently shared another Instagram update where she posed with her legs in the air. This time, however, the photo was taken on a professional set. Stella posed topless while bracing herself with her arms. While her head touched the floor, her legs were pointed upward as she rested her thighs on an acrylic chair. The pants and boots that she wore were colorful and eye-catching, with a marbled look in green, pink, and purple.