'Playboy' Model Lexi Wood's Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Her Latest Instagram Selfie

As her Instagram followers know, Playboy model Lexi Wood typically posts at least one sizzling snapshot a day to her profile. So, there's almost always something new and racy for her 642,000 followers to shower with affection. In fact, a quick scroll through her profile reveals Lexi averages anywhere from 15,000 to 50,000 likes on every snap she shares to Instagram. Her average tends to fall around 30,000 likes.

While her latest selfie — which hit her profile roughly seven hours ago — has accumulated just shy of 20,000 likes and over 200 comments, her followers seem to have mixed feelings about it.

Lexi's latest Instagram update strays from her norm as it is an up-close selfie of her face. While just a small portion of her body is visible to the camera, she appears to be more conservatively dressed than her typical pictures as she's rocking a black t-shirt.

The highlight of this particular snapshot, however, was the young brunette's cosmetics. Lexi rocked an intense winged eyeliner with a dark blue and brown blended into a smoky-eye look. The young model had muted but thick light pink lips that appeared to be just a shade or two darker than her tanned skin complexion. While her eyebrows were visible, they were noticeably lighter than her dark brown tresses.

It was possible Wood was wearing some sort of colored contact lenses as well as there was a thick black outline around her vibrant blue eyes. In the comments section of her Instagram selfie, some of her followers noted that it looked as though she had a shadow inside of her eyes.

While Lexi did have her usual wave of followers that were quick to compliment just about anything she posted, the response to this particular selfie appeared to be pretty mixed. Notably, some of her followers weren't a huge fan of the excessive eye makeup.

With very NSFW language, one of her followers questioned what exactly it was they were looking at. This comment was liked just shy of 50 times. Many also responded to the comment with various forms of agreement. One individual added that they weren't sure how the picture was getting so much positive feedback. Another suggested that she must have bots flooding the comments with hearts of approval.

Some individuals noted that it was an ugly picture of her and one individual even simply commented with the word "no." Lexi had a follower that told her the selfie scared them when it popped up on their Instagram feed.

While she did have some who thought her eyes looked gorgeous, the snap didn't appear to be well-received by the majority.