Georgia Fowler Goes Braless In A White Tank Top & It's All About The Close-Ups

Georgia Fowler shared a new Instagram post today, and it was a monochromatic collage of her rocking a braless look. There were five photos in total, but each photo consisted of multiple shots.

The first photo, for example, was a collage of six photos. The images appeared to all be playing off a single image, with different zooms and crops producing unique pictures. Georgia sported a white tank top while going braless, and wore a pair of dark pants. She also accessorized with a thin necklace. Fowler wore her short hair down, and she looked down to her right. This meant that her face was somewhat obscured by her locks.

The second and fourth photos were also collages, this time showing Fowler in different poses as she was seen touching her necklace, her neck, and arm. One cropped photo also showed her smiling.

The most complete images of Georgia were offered in the second and last photos. The final image was of the Victoria's Secret model facing the camera straight-on. She pursed her lips slightly and gave a coy expression, while she wrapped her arms in front of her midriff.

Prior to this update, Fowler shared a glam selfie that was liked over 14,000 times.

Unlike her usual posts, Georgia took this opportunity to share her makeup and styling details with her fans in the captions. And even though she used a lot of different products, her final look was polished and natural-looking.

Her outfit was also notable, as it offered a vintage-chic vibe. It was light gold, and mostly made of a textured fabric. The top of her outfit, along with the sleeves, was made with mesh and sheer fabrics.

Fowler completed her look with a large-brimmed white hat. She didn't appear to be wearing many accessories, although her glittering drop earrings were eye-catching.

This update was liked over 14,000 times, with fans gushing about Fowler in the comments section.

"Needed some pro beauty tips and for that I thank you," said a fan.

"Gorgeous!!! So many wonderful products," added another fan.

"You look so elegant omg," complimented a follower.

"Loved this look on you," noted another follower.

For fans that are interested in learning more about Georgia's beauty tips, her prior interview with Vogue France is also worth a look.

"Honestly, I think [beauty] comes largely from within. It's eating well, sleeping well, having lots of good fats, drinking lots of water and sweating - going and working out!" she explained.

The model also revealed her tips on looking less tired.

"Eye drops help, a really good makeup artist, lots of moisturizer and massaging your face to get rid of the fluid," said Fowler.

Whether or not you choose to use her tips or not, Fowler keeps her followers entertained with a variety of updates on her social media. Those that can't seem to get enough of the model should also check out her prior update where she rocked a bikini.