Brunette Bombshell Niece Waidhofer Pulls Down Bikini Bottoms In Flirty Snap

Niece Waidhofer poses for a selfie.
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Niece Waidhofer is no stranger to showing skin in her Instagram posts. On Sunday, the brunette bombshell teased her fans by sharing a snap in which she was pulling down her bikini bottoms.

In the post, Niece wore a white bikini that featured thin leather straps on the shoulders and on the sides of the bottoms. The shot captured Niece with both of her hands slipped under the sides of the bottoms, pulling them down. It appeared that the photo was taken just before the beauty’s bottoms hit the floor. The skimpy suit and her pose showed off the model’s hourglass figure and smooth skin. Two small pistol tattoos on her pelvic bone were also visible in the shot.

Niece wore her hair in two braids that fell over her shoulders. She went with a natural look to her makeup while giving the camera a flirty smile.

In the post’s caption, Niece indicated that the photo was not a recent one, explaining that she had undergone some type of surgery. She also explained that she was on some pretty good painkillers and had apparently been on an online shopping spree that she could not recall. The post included a screen shot that said she had 113 packages arriving.

In the caption, she hinted that she might have had her lips done, and she would upload reveal photos soon.

Many of Niece’s one million followers wished her a speedy recovery, while others raved over the photo. Many told the beauty she looked gorgeous in the snap.

“No way you can be more perfect,” one fan quipped.

A second follower told Niece that she was a “masterpiece.”

A third admirer told the beauty that she was “absolutely stunning.”

“Damn, what a sexy woman!” commented a fourth fan.

“Always get so excited when I get a notification about you posting…. and I’m never disappointed,” a fifth user wrote.


The beauty does seem to have a knack for sharing photos that her followers drool over. As The Inquisir recently reported, Niece looked stunning in a skintight latex get-up that showcased her fabulous physique.

Niece likes to get a little bit creative with her photos, and often pushes the limits as to what Instagram will allow. Her posts are rarely ever boring and they almost always come with an entertaining caption.

Fans wanting to keep up with Niece and her latest reveal can follow her Instagram account.