Jenna Jameson Embraces Her ‘Thick Thighs’ And Booty In Sultry Instagram Selfie

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Former adult film star Jenna Jameson has transformed her life in major ways over the past few years and she is opening up about her strategies in a new Instagram post. Jameson wrote a lengthy caption to share some updates with her followers and she shared a sexy selfie to go along with it.

Jameson wrapped up her adult film career some time ago and now she’s focused on living a healthy life with her daughter Batel and her husband in Hawaii. As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Jameson just celebrated four years of sobriety. In addition to her ongoing commitment to sobriety, she has also worked hard to build her strength and find a healthy weight for herself.

Jameson’s new Instagram post shows her wearing tiny black panties and a T-shirt rolled up to rest just under her breasts. She has her long, blond hair pulled up into a high ponytail and she is leaning seductively against a wall with one hip cocked as she captures the sultry selfie.

Jameson’s insane abs were impossible to miss with this pose and she was clearly intent on showcasing her curvy hips and muscular legs in this particular snapshot as well. In her lengthy caption, Jameson wrote about how she has been playing around with her dietary strategies and she loves the results.

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It is absolutely possible to gain weight in your thighs and booty without getting a thick midsection. Lately I’ve upped my calories just to run a test. I love how I look with thick thighs but despise feeling a muffin top! So I began eating a lot and not restricting my caloric intake. It absolutely worked. My thighs and hips have made themselves known ???? I avoided tummy bloat by not indulging in unneeded sugar, wasteful carbs and fast food. Here’s a little mom hack also. I do sit-ups in bed! I have a bad back and I struggle doing normal crunches on the floor, so when Batel naps... I do leg raises and crunches in bed and it saves the pain on my sacrum and lower back! Moral of the story... super skinny isn’t goals. Healthy well fed bodies are!!!! #keto #ketotransformation #mombod #thickthighs #ketodiet #ketolife

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The popular blonde bombshell explained that she loves her thick thighs and curvy booty, but she wanted to make sure she kept her flat tummy. It sounds as if toying around with her calorie intake while avoiding unnecessary sugars gave her the outcome she wanted — more curves in her hips, thighs, and derriere, without adding to her waistline.

“Super skinny isn’t goals. Healthy well fed bodies are!!!!” she explained of her ideal physique.

Jameson has nearly 500,000 fans following her on Instagram and thousands showed their love by liking this recent post. In addition, nearly 800 people commented. Jameson replied to many of the questions with additional insight to further inspire those who hope to replicate her results.

“Body goals,” wrote one of Jenna’s followers.

“Washboard status!!!! You look better than most 18 year olds,” declared another impressed fan.

Jameson has been honest about the ups and downs she has navigated over the past few years and she’s acknowledged that she has struggled both mentally and physically at times. It certainly appears that the former adult film star is in a pretty great place in her life right now and her followers love how open she typically is about it all.