Antonio Brown Gets Trolled For Instagram Post Saying ‘Call God’

Michael ReavesGetty Images

Antonio Brown took to Instagram saying he’s putting his tough times in the hands of God, but his Instagram followers aren’t buying it.

The now-former NFL wide receiver took to the social media site on Wednesday to share an artistic rendering that appeared to show his head as a representation of the American flag, with a large white star in the side of his head and his flowing braids a bright red. The picture included a caption where Brown declared that he was turning over his struggles to a higher power.

“Remember when your back against the wall and the world be against you just wait on The Lord,” Brown wrote, adding the hashtag “#CallGod.”

The caption drew a mostly negative response from Brown’s 3.7 million followers, with many telling Brown that he had brought the struggles on himself.

“Call God and tell him about all that talent you be wastin,” one person wrote.

“The world isn’t against you. You are against you,” another added.

Brown has been through a tumultuous stretch that seems to have ended with his retirement from the NFL. The All-Pro wide receiver had a series of outbursts while on the Oakland Raiders, a stretch that included a confrontation with team general manager Mike Mayock and concluded with Brown taking to Instagram and asking for his release.

Just a few hours after the team granted him that release — and taking back his $30 million in guaranteed money along with it — Brown signed with the New England Patriots. Though he appeared to have a good chance of snagging the Super Bowl ring that has eluded him for his entire career, Brown’s tenure with the Patriots would last all of one game. The team dropped Brown amid a series of sexual misconduct allegations and reports that he sent an intimidating text message to one of his accusers. After his release, Brown took to Twitter to attack the Patriots and owner Robert Kraft, ultimately saying he was done playing in the NFL.

Brown’s troubles didn’t end there. Daniel Wallach, a legal analyst for The Athletic, noted on Twitter that a Miami judge ordered Brown to appear for a deposition for a lawsuit claiming that he trashed a multimillion dollar condo.

As Wallach noted, Brown’s abruptly exit from the NFL may have played a role in the judge calling him to answer to the lawsuit.

“The deposition had previously been scheduled for May 22, 2019, but AB sought a protective order, which was denied in late August,” Wallach noted. “At that point, AB’s attorney, citing the player’s ‘crazy schedule,’ sought to delay the deposition, leading to a contempt motion and the order.”