‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Sets Instagram On Fire With Behind-The-Scenes Workout Video Clips

Yanet Garcia poses on the set
Yanet Garcia / Instagram

Mexican starlet Yanet Garcia has been dubbed the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl” for a reason, and she’s showcasing that reason in her latest Instagram posts. The actress and model is putting together a set of workout routines to release via the Fit Plan app, and she’s been sharing some sneak peeks at what she has in store for her fans as of late.

Garcia’s last two Instagram posts feature short video clips and highlight the work she’s doing on these exercise videos. Anybody who follows Yanet’s social media pages knows that she’s got a killer body, and that she works hard for it. Now, it seems that the “World’s Hottest Weather Girl” is ready to teach everybody else how she gets that pert booty and jaw-dropping figure.

In one clip shared to Instagram on Sunday night, Garcia noted that she was filming in Los Angeles, California. She said that she can’t wait to share her new Fit Plan program with everybody, and she teased her followers with a short video showing her introduction.

Yanet wore olive-green skintight leggings with a matching one-shoulder sports bra that hugged every delicious curve of her figure. Garcia’s flat tummy was impossible to miss, and this brief peek into her filming process clearly riled up her followers.

As of this writing, this particular clip had been viewed about 380,000 times. The weather presenter and model also received encouragement from many of her fans, including Venezuelan fitness bombshell Michelle Lewin.

Michelle said that she needed to start Yanet’s plan so that she could get Garcia’s booty, a major endorsement considering Lewin’s notorious figure and sizable fan base.

Monday morning, Garcia shared another behind-the-scenes clip. She noted that this workout plan would be available sometime next year, and that she is obviously quite excited to get this project launched.


This new video clip shows Garcia doing some stretches and jumps while wearing a blue-green workout ensemble. She has her long hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, and the low cut of her sports bra flaunts a bit of her deep cleavage.

It looks as if this new Instagram video is well on its way to going viral, too. Within the first 25 minutes after Yanet had posted it, the clip accrued about 50,000 views. Fans noted that she was hot and on fire, and it appears that her followers will be quite anxious to see more.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Yanet’s revelation that she is working on something for Fit Plan seems to be generating a lot of buzz across social media. A specific release date has not yet been revealed, but Garcia will surely be sharing updates once the project is ready to be released.