Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Drops Jaws In Tiny String Bikini Flaunting Insanely Toned Abs

Ainsley Rodriguez Instagram

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez is no stranger to showing off her body on Instagram and her most recent post on the platform is no different. In the photo, the brunette beauty is rocking a tiny white string bikini and her rock-hard abs are difficult to ignore. The look definitely screams summer beach fun which is likely why Ainsley chose it. In the caption, she chose to say goodbye to the season by offering her fans a discount on her fitness coaching programs.

But it looks like many of her fans bypassed the caption and went straight to the comments section, as few of them mentioned the offer. Instead many of the commenters seemed laser-focused on showering her with compliments.

“You are so beautiful Ainsley,” one fan wrote.

One fan compared her to a comic-book hero.

“Looking like a sexy a– wonder woman,” another fan wrote. When you consider her powerful pose in the photo, you can see how they’d draw that comparison.

“My breathtaking goddess,” a third fan wrote.

For one commenter, the photo was enough to convince them to start paying attention to Ainsley’s fitness advice.

“Wow! You look awesome!” they wrote. “Maybe I should start listening to you”

Ainsley regularly shares informative content on her Instagram page and some of it shows people the exercises they can do to tone their abdominal muscles.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, she recently shared an abs routine where she’s wearing a red and blue bikini, showing off her enviable assets once more. The routine that she expertly goes through includes, planks, lateral leg stretches, weighted crunches and more. The video post currently has 30,000 views with over 800 comments.

In another post, she shares a full-body routine that involves the use of a 10-20lb weighted plate. In the clip, she does a series of squats, lunges, and arm raises. In the caption, she says that each exercise should be done for 12 to 16 reps and that the entire circuit should be done four times. This particular workout video has close to 30,000 views as well and she received lots of praise for it in the comments section.

“Another smashing workout Ainsley! How are you doing this,” one fan wrote.

Her knack for teaching her followers could be an offshoot of her past as a substitute teacher. In an interview with Fit Over Fat, she revealed that she left that job on a leap of faith to pursue a full-time fitness career.

“I started busting my butt trying to get my name out there, and all of a sudden, I felt like this was the right place for me,” she said.