Jojo Babie Rocks A Tiny Thong & Asks What’s For Breakfast

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.
Jojo_babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie shared a new, thonged pic on Instagram today, and it’s causing quite a commotion. It’s all thanks to the combination of the revealing photo with a flirty caption.

In the photo, Jojo stood in a hallway in front of a white wall. She seems to have posed in front of a full-length mirror to take the selfie, with her back to it. This meant that her curvy derriere was on full display, while she popped her left foot out.

At the same time, the model placed her right hand by her waist, while holding her phone with her left. And while Babie often obscures her face for selfies, this time, she let her face be shown.

Jojo was spotted with a slight smile, and she rocked her long hair in defined curls. Her locks cascaded down her back.

The flirty caption prompted many of her fans to respond, some with raunchy messages. But Jojo took it all in stride, and as usual, took the time to respond to many people’s messages. For the most part, she sent kissing face emoji.

In general, there were plenty of people who suggested that they would like the model for breakfast, while her use of the peach emoji led to many references to the fruit also.

“Wow, muffins come to mind…nice gains by the way, enjoy Saturday,” said a fan.

“OMG, damn, well HELLO I love your sweet peach,” added another fan.

“Yup you’ll be on my mind all day,” declared a fan.

But that was hardly all, as Instagram kept the compliments rolling.

“AYE!!! Uhhhh what was the question Jo, I got distracted!! lol,” joked a follower.

“Anything.. If you are the company,” responded another follower.

The photo has been liked over 26,000 times so far.


The model is hardly new to sharing revealing photos on the social media platform. Her second-newest post showed her spreading her legs in a black jumpsuit, after all.

And this isn’t to mention another update from five days ago, which showed Jojo in a white sports bra and hot pink bottoms. This update was yet another selfie, and the sports bra read “1st Phorm” in gold, all-caps lettering. This is a brand of supplements that Jojo often promotes in her feed.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the model’s bottoms featured two straps on either side. She played with her hair with her right hand and stood in a hallway.

This update has been liked over 122,000 times.