NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Could Face New NFL Discipline After Report He Sent Intimidating Text To Accuser

Michael ReavesGetty Images

Antonio Brown may have found himself in more trouble with the NFL — and facing a possible suspension — after reportedly sending an intimidating text to a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct.

On Thursday, a lawyer representing a woman who accused Brown of sexually inappropriate behavior sent a letter to the NFL claiming that Brown was “intimidating” the woman with a text message that included a picture of her children. As Sports Illustrated reported, the lawyer for an artist who had worked in Brown’s home told the league that she was included in a group chat this week that originated from a phone number that Brown had provided to her in 2017.

As the report noted, the group text had four other numbers in it and included photos of her children and the person who the woman believed to be Antonio Brown was encouraging others in the chat to investigate the woman. The person then accused the woman of making up the incident in an attempt to get money from Brown.

The outlet had published the woman’s account earlier in the week as part of a larger story on Brown’s behavior. The woman claimed that Brown acted inappropriate in his own home after he had hired her to paint a mural for him. The woman said that Brown approached her while she was bent over working on the painting. She claimed he was naked with his genitals covered only with a small hand towel. The woman said she ignored his advances, and that the relationship ended soon afterward. The artist said that Brown paid her $2,000 for the mural but never paid for a painting he had purchased at a charity auction.

The woman remained anonymous for the story and said she has no plans to sue Antonio Brown and does not want any money from him.

The NFL has already been investigating Brown for a first accusation of sexual assault from his former personal trainer, Britney Taylor. She claimed that Brown assaulted her on a series of occasions, including an incident where he forcibly raped her. Taylor filed a civil lawsuit against Brown in federal court.

Brown could face possible fines or suspension from the NFL, which has wide latitude to punish players for off-the-field conduct. It is not clear if he faces possible discipline from the New England Patriots, though Brown has already faced other consequences for the allegations. As The Inquisitr reported, Brown lost his endorsement deal with Nike this week.