Cindy Kimberly Gets Flirty In Yellow Bra While Reading ‘Playboy’

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Cindy Kimberly recently shared a photo of herself in a bralette in a bedroom, and has since followed up with photos of herself lounging in a yellow ensemble.

This new update, which was posted yesterday, consisted of three photos. The first photo was actually a collection of two separate images. On the left side, viewers could see Cindy sitting on the ground and leaning against a couch. She was notably reading a Playboy Magazine. On the right side, viewers could see Cindy lounging in a yellow bra and shorts set.

The second photo showed Cindy reading the magazine from a different angle, while a final photo was of the model sitting in a modern chair. It had a white base with what appeared to be an orange seat. Behind the chair, viewers could spot the vintage-looking sofa that Cindy previously posed in front of.

The couch had a busy pattern with fall-inspired colors, and it was decorated with a ton of throw pillows in various colors.

Kimberly raised her right leg, while playfully biting down on her finger.

In all of the photos, she was seen wearing a messy, high bun. The yellow bra seemed to be made of a shimmery, satin-like fabric. Meanwhile, the shorts were in a matching color.

This update appeared to be a hit among her fans, and it’s been liked over 430,000 times so far.

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doing a whole bunch of nothing

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Cindy’s fans raved about her good looks in the comments section.

“Your bikini color really makes your body glow,” said a fan.

“D*mn what address should I send the child support too?” joked another fan.

“Maam you are so gorgeous i would do anything just to see you in person i will be your assistant i will tie your shoes…,” said a follower.

“The important thing is you look hot doing nothing,” added another follower.

“@wolfiecindy we miss the old sweet and accented you!!! and your old pics they wer goregous,” said an Instagram user.

Prior to this update, Cindy shared a series of three photos. The images were all zoomed in on Cindy’s face, as she showed off her lavish makeup and hair.

The second photo showed her wearing glossy lipstick, as she gave a full pout for the camera. She wore matching, shimmery eyeshadow and plenty of foundation that helped her cheeks glow.

The third photo revealed the model’s top, which was light pink with large sleeves.

This update was liked over 563,000 times.

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