September 18, 2019
Kristinia DeBarge Pops Out Of Tiny Corset Dress

Kristinia DeBarge shared a brand new Instagram photo today, and she took advantage of the caption to give fans an update on her upcoming music. Prior to this update, she shared lingerie pics on social media, as reported by The Inquisitr.

This new photo showed the singer in a revealing dress, which she censored with the help of a leather jacket. The jacket had a classic cut with triangular lapels and buckle accents on the wrists.

The top of the dress appeared to be a lacy gray corset. This left her cleavage fully exposed, and she paired it with a skirt that was also revealing. The skirt portion of the ensemble was red with beaded tassels throughout. It had a super-high slit on her left, which let DeBarge show off her toned body.

Kristinia was spotted posing in front of a bright white backdrop. She sat on a swiveling stool, as she propped her left foot on the chair and placed her right hand on her hip.

The singer tilted her head back slightly and parted her lips for a sultry look. She kept her hair down in a side part, as she accentuated her locks with tight curls.

Her makeup included dark red lipstick, which she paired with shimmery, purple eyeshadow, and her eyebrows were also defined with liner. She kept things simple with the accessories, and went without a necklace.

Beside DeBarge, you could see a silver speaker. In addition, there were a couple of long cords that decorated the ground.

This update has been liked over 3,000 times so far.

Kristinia's fans responded to her newest update with a ton of positive messages. Many people referred to her caption, which gave folks a chance to comment on her music.

"I love that you keep making music! Amazing talent can't wait," said a fan.

"Your vocals always sound amazing so take your time with mixing and mastering! That always seems to be crucial but I always love your final crafts!" exclaimed another fan.

"Can't wait to hear!!!! & take your time mastering and mixing those tracks!! I'm sure they're going to be eargasmic once they're done," noted a follower.

There were also plenty of other creative comments.

"Keep doing yr thing beautiful, I love how yr always humble unlike alot of these other celebs," encouraged a fan.

"I know you probably hear it a million times but I'll say it anyways you are super beautiful," stated another fan.