Sommer Ray Brightens Up Instagram With Sexy Shots & Self Deprecating Thoughts

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Sommer Ray is hot, even when she thinks she is not. On Sunday, her most recent Instagram upload — captioned “small boobs, big dreams” — seemed to sum up this beautiful fitness model’s mood of the moment.

The share immediately captured a whole lot of interest. Within less than an hour of being seen on social media, Sommer’s September 1 pack of four photos earned more than half-a-million likes from among this lovely lady’s astounding 22.2 million followers.

Several dozen others made sure to comment on Sommer’s self-deprecating upload.

“All tiddies matter,” remarked one straight-forward fan.

“Small is the new big,” stated another.

“Sommer I hate to see you slander yourself like this, just because your boobs aren’t the largest doesn’t mean you should be disappointed with yourself. You are perfect to me…,” announced yet another caring character.

“Sommer, u are the date of my dreams pls go to homecoming with me,” said still another follower who was apparently thinking ahead.

“Your [sic] still perfect though,” insisted one more fan.

While the size of her breasts was called into question, the 22-year-old’s taut middle could not be denied. Her tiny waist proved enviable, while her broad shoulders created the ideal, overall figure. In addition, Sommer’s long wavy hair, which was flipped to one side, could not have been more luscious.

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small boobs, big dreams

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The lead picture in the pack was arguably the sexiest. Sommer was seen tugging at the top of her skimpy skirt with her ring-ridden hands. She had pulled down the skintight garment until her navel was revealed.

In the second snap, she had placed one foot in front of the other as if the model was about to step away from the verdant green foliage in the tropical background. With this move, Sommer’s body displayed even more ripples overtaking her dynamic midsection while she tilted her head to the side for a whimsical look.

The third photo showed Sommer’s left arm touching her forehead while she slightly parted her mouth, which had been freshened with a nude gloss. Her eyes were adorned with nude-colored shadow and her expressive eyebrows were immaculately groomed.

Finally, in the fourth image, Sommer broke the previous mood which was somewhat pensive. Instead, she let go and started laughing as she pulled at a lock of her glorious hair. At that moment, her eyes closed as her smile widened.

In all of the pictures from her current shoot, this fitness model could not have been more beautiful. Hopefully, given the admiring comments and a second peek at how she looked on today’s Instagram share, Sommer Ray will realize that self-love is apparently the only good thing missing from her upload.