August 30, 2019
Rachel Cook Rocks A Summer Vibe In New Instagram Video That's Driving Her Followers Wild

Playboy model Rachel Cook has just shared a new video to her Instagram page, and it is already causing a bit of chaos. This is another clip designed to promote Bang Energy Drink, and as is often the case, the American model and social media influencer made sure to throw in some bikini-focused footage to keep everybody enthralled.

Rachel posted the video to her Instagram page on Friday morning, and it immediately accumulated a lot of views. While this clip is one that focuses on promoting the energy drink, it also gives Cook's followers a taste of her fantastic summer. The Playboy model included a great caption that gave everybody some insight into her frame of mind these days as the summer transitions into fall.

Cook teases her followers with a couple of sexy looks in this video. For some portions, she is wearing short denim shorts and a form-fitting black crop top with red spaghetti straps. This outfit is the perfect ensemble for showing off Rachel's curves with a bit of cleavage, her slender waist, and her long, athletic legs.

In other parts of the video, Rachel is wearing a black-and-red bikini that she wore in another recent Instagram post. As The Inquisitr noted with that post, which has since been deleted, the bikini was a relatively basic cut. At the same time, it was incredibly flattering on the Playboy model.

Rachel's Instagram following has been steadily building, and she now has 2.5 million fans checking out her posts. Video clips like these typically garner a lot of traffic for the gorgeous model and this one is no exception. Within just one hour, Cook's video already had more than 50,000 views.

Many of Cook's fans would surely say that it's virtually impossible not to love this video, as the model flaunts her signature poses as she showcases the red-and-black bikini. She tousles her hair as the wind blows through it, and her insane abs are on full display.

It looks as if this Bang Energy promotional clip was filmed in Rachel's home state of Washington, where she recently spent time with her boyfriend Tyler and other loved ones. At the moment, however, Cook is actually in Paris, France.

On Thursday, she shared a gorgeous, scenic shot via Instagram showing her in Paris. Cook kept her look simple with a short black dress that highlighted all of her best assets, and in less than 18 hours, nearly 135,000 people have shown their appreciation for the gorgeous look.

Rachel Cook has spent the summer traveling, and it looks like it's been a blast. The Playboy model is facing some changes as the fall season begins, but it sounds as if she's ready for new adventures ahead.