Instagram Bombshell Pamela Alexandra Shows Off Her Killer Curves In Barely-There Bikini

Pamela Alexandra is once again heating up Instagram with a revealing look at her bikini body.

The model shared an Instagram picture this week showing off her just barely-there bikini, showing herself sitting in the sun in a close-up shot that put all her curves on display. The picture was a huge hit with her 2.5 million followers, drawing all manner of compliments for her curvy physique and requests for more pictures.

"So beautiful," one person wrote.

"That outfit deserves more pictures," another added.

Alexandra has been able to climb the ranks of the Instagram modeling world thanks to her feed filled with racy posts, some jet-setting travel, and a focus on body positivity. She has been singled out for proudly showing off her curvy physique and refusing to retouch her photos, helping her to amass a large and very dedicated following of fans.

Her steady stream of racy pictures has helped Alexandra to make a name for herself on Instagram, with a following that rivals models with the backing of major companies like Victoria's Secret. But Alexandra has also gotten a bit of luck in her rise to the top. As Hip Hop Wired noted, she burst onto the scene with the help of a viral but false rumor about her family tree that put her in the public eye.

"Back in 2012, rumors went around that the curvy eye candy was retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre's daughter, although she's since denied that," the report noted. "Although she either works or worked in a normal office setting, Pamela Alexandra was aware that her exceptional physical gifts worked for the camera and she's done plenty of spreads to showcase that."

As the report added, Instagram modeling was still a part-time gig for Alexandra as of last year, but it's likely that her Instagram modeling gig will soon allow Pamela Alexandra to quit her day job if she so wanted. As the marketing firm DigiDay reported, Instagram influencers can earn about $1,000 per 100,000 followers for each post, depending on the size of their audience. With 2.5 million followers, that means Alexandra can get tens of thousands of dollars for each sponsored post she shares.

She is not lacking for work. Alexandra's feed is filled with pictures of herself modeling swimwear and fashion brands, using her natural talents to show off the "curvy" line of bikinis from Fashion Nova and other top brands.

Those who want to see more from Pamela Alexandra can check out her Instagram page.