Adriana Lima's Nude Pics Send Instagram Into A Meltdown

Adriana Lima shared a couple of new photos on her Instagram, and it's driving her fans wild.

The photos are unfortunately too revealing to share here, but you can check them out on her Instagram page.

The first photo showed Adriana sitting on a plush couch. She hugged a dress to the front of her chest and body, as she gave a sultry look. It was a black-and-white photo, and her eyes popped, thanks to the heavy eyeliner.

In addition, the second photo was even more provocative. It showed Lima posing against a white wall. She placed her hands on the wall and looked over her right shoulder at the camera. This meant that her derriere was left on full display, as she went fully nude and didn't wear any bottoms. At the same time, the right side of her chest was visible, and she made no attempts to censor the image.

Instagram doesn't typically allow nudity, but sometimes photos do sneak through.

The update has received over 128,000 likes so far.

Many of Adriana's fans left nice comments, and there were plenty of fire emoji to be seen.

"You never try to look sexy. It's natural, your eyes are wild. You are my wildest dream," said a fan.

"It breaks the internet," said another fan.

"Scandalous!" exclaimed a follower.

"Omg!! Gorgeous," added another follower.

One fan seemingly loved one of the photos enough to want to see it all the time.

"I think I will tattoo this pic in my arm, hot d*mn mama!" said an Instagram user.

"The truth of beautifulness," said a fan.

"Queen Adri," declared a follower.

The captions of the photos also revealed that Adriana was advocating for people to donate to a fund to help with the Amazon fires. And some of her followers referred to this in their comments.

"So good you're doing this!" said a fan.

"Donation done," declared another fan.

On the other hand, there were body shamers that showed up. But Adriana's loyal fans were there to defend her.

"No more naked pictures you said," noted an Instagram user.

"She said for an empty cause," clarified a fan.

"This is a big cause, girl! And it is HER life," added another fan.

"She'll do whatever she wants. It bothers you? Unfollow her," suggested a follower.

But that wasn't all, as one person demanded to know more.

"Why are you doing this? You are like animal!!" they said.