August 16, 2019
Patrick Swayze's Brother Slams Actor's Widow After Her Claim That Their Mother Was Violent, Abusive

Patrick Swayze's brother is joining into a brewing family feud, lashing out at the actor's widow after her claim that their mother was violent and abusive.

Sean Swayze said that allegations from Lisa Niemi about their mother beating Patrick were false, and said that Lisa is not involved in the family at all. In an interview with Radar Online, Sean said that Lisa has been "grabbing for money" since Patrick's death in 2009, and said, "anything that makes her money she'll tell the press."

That included recent claims that Patrick Swayze had been abused by his mother, Patsy Swayze, the late actor's brother said.

"My family doesn't even associate with that piece of sh*t," he said. "There was never any abuse in our family."

Lisa Niemi's claims are featured in a documentary marking the 10-year anniversary of Patrick Swayze's death, The Daily Mail noted. She claimed that Patsy, who was a famed dance instructor whose studio turned out a number of Tony and Emmy-winning dancers, was also a perfectionist who became violent with her son as she pushed him to become a dancer.

"She could be very violent," Lisa said in the documentary I Am Patrick Swayze, which airs Sunday on the Paramount Network.

Lisa detailed beatings that Patrick allegedly suffered at the hands of his mother, who passed away close to four years after Patrick's death from cancer.

Lisa said that Patsy's abuse continued until Patrick's 18th birthday when the actor's father intervened and threatened to divorce Patsy if the abuse continued. The relationship between the two improved in the years that would follow, with Patrick's skills at dancing helping him to land the lead role in Dirty Dancing. Patrick would be close to his mother until his death.

Sean Swayze admitted that their mother had a temper but said that there were never any beatings and that the family was happy while growing up. He said the spankings they may have received weren't at all out of the ordinary.

"We got spankings and whippings, like a good old southern boy," he said. "All we did was get our whippings growing up. We never got punched in the face, hit across the body or slapped in the face. We got a belt to our butts growing up. That was normal back then. And it doesn't mean it's abuse."

Those who want to see the allegations in full can watch I Am Patrick Swayze on the Paramount Network on Sunday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET.