August 10, 2019
Jennifer Aniston Knocks The Paparazzi Dead In Acid Wash Jeans & Stilettos

Jennifer Aniston never needed much to knock the cameras dead. The Friends actress has been flying the flag for all things low-frills for decades, with a wardrobe of denims and simple t-shirts becoming somewhat her trademark. The 50-year-old appeared to have opted for both last night, as photos obtained by The Daily Mail showed.

As the newspaper reports, Jennifer was photographed heading home from a night out at The San Vicente Bungalows in Hollywood, California. The star was spotted exiting the venue amid cars. Blurry as the images were, they'd managed to show Jennifer looking her best. The blonde was looking stylish and on-point in a pair of acid wash jeans and a simple white t-shirt, although the ante was being upped by a pair of peep-toe stiletto heels in tans. Jennifer was photographed smiling and looking downwards as she clutched onto a leather bag in browns.

It looks like viewers of the newspaper's images have given Jen the thumbs-up.

"Jen can totally rock any outfit even casual wear. She's a true style icon," one user wrote.

"White t-shirt is the best wardrobe stape, doesn't seem to go out of fashion," another said.

"Not wandering the streets with scruffy kids in tow like the other one. Team Jen" was another comment.

This user was likely referencing Angelina Jolie: the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actress is frequently photographed out and about with her brood of six. While Aniston tends to opt for casual jeans and tees, Jolie comes with loose-flowing gowns as her trademark look. Given that the comment was throwing slight shade at 44-year-old Angelina, it can be assumed that this fan wasn't too keen on Jolie embarking on a romance and eventual marriage with Jennifer's ex-husband Brad Pitt. The Fight Club actor is, however, now divorced from Jolie.Jennifer has been making headlines of late. The star fronted In Style this month, with an open interview that saw her open up on her sex appeal.

"Bombshell wasn't really my thing. I thought natural, cute, and funny was sexy, you know?" she said.

While Aniston's image has largely been dubbed a girl-next-door one on account of her all-American looks and casual wardrobe, the star has been photographed in racier outfits. During her Friends days, Jennifer appeared in a glittery red one-piece with a plunging neckline. Romantic comedies since Friends have also shown Jennifer in lingerie scenes. Regardless, this star never entered vulgar territory.

Jennifer doesn't have an Instagram account, although her face does pop up on Friends co-star and BFF Courteney Cox's account.