Sommer Ray Snarls In A Fierce And Flirty Photo Pack, While Her Tank Sports Vampire Teeth

In 2017, Sommer Ray enjoyed the "Thor: Ragnarok" premiere
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Sommer Ray was as sexy as ever as she appeared on Instagram in multiple images. Her attire for the shoot included a ratty yellow tank with a logo showing vampire teeth. Apparently, the open-mouthed image inspired the brunette beauty to come up with a similar look.

In fact, one follower commented on Sommer’s fierce facial expression as she snarled in the fourth picture of the four-picture pack. That fan admitted to sharing the same “mood when someone decides to touch my food.”

The first picture allowed Sommer to act coy. She tipped her pretty head to the side while rocking an updo that left alluring tendril-like strands gathering around her ears. Her next two images were slight variations on the original theme.

These August 6 photos earned nearly half-a-million likes from the popular personality’s 27.1 million followers.

Last October, Sommer told Forbes about her start as an Instagram model, when a photographer started shooting the 22-year old at the tender age of 15.

“I was doing very mature photos for my age. I’ve always been more expressive, in a sexual way. But that doesn’t mean that I’m like that as a person.”

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hiii ily ????

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What she as a person is someone who likes to kid around while getting into shape. Another August 6 social media entry on her YouTube channel proved that the shapely goddess has been actively exercising, despite her attempts to sidestep that routine, as written about by The Inquisitr.

In fact, the curvy hot shot — who ranks among the world’s top social media models — has been talking about deflecting her workout routine for a couple of days now. She was probably jesting because she asked Alexa to do the job for her, all the while knowing she was not going to get satisfaction from her electronically-induced buddy.

“While Alexa did not reply for the masses to hear her answer, others who saw Sommer’s August 3 upload did so in short order. In fact, within five hours of her last social media posting, the popular Instagrammer earned more than 7,500 likes and a slew of comments.”

Now she’s back in the game, leading a 10-minute session so followers can duplicate Sommer’s efforts in their own homes and gyms.

While delivering off her energetic exercise session as she showed off her firm booty and taut abs, Sommer also asked for tips so that these ongoing uploads can help her help others.

“i’m not used to doing informative workout videos but it’s something i’m gonna start doing regularly for you guys”

Still, like everything Sommer Ray does, be that on social media or on a yoga mat, this go-getter gets it done while getting it done right, and with a whole lot of pep, persistence, and prominent sex appeal.