'Sex And The City' Stars Chris Noth & Kristin Davis Reunite — And Sarah Jessica Parker Seems Jealous

Sex and the City's Mr. Big just had a threesome — and it wasn't with his longtime love Carrie Bradshaw. Chris Noth, the actor who played Sarah Jessica Parker's dashing suitor for six seasons and two movies on the HBO franchise, posted a photo to Instagram that shows him posing at an event with his former SATC co-star Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte York on the series. Davis is leaning into Noth in the snap, and the SATC stars are joined by Noth's Law and Order co-star Jill Hennessy.

In the caption, Noth joked about his "threesome" as he combined "Sex and the Order."

It didn't take long for Noth's SATC co-star Sarah Jessica Parker to chime in to the comments to express a bit of jealousy that she wasn't invited to the event.

"Wait what???? How did I miss that????" Parker wrote.

While Parker has been married to actor Matthew Broderick since 1997, she will always have a soft spot for her TV/movie husband Mr. Big. The actors' characters had an on-again, off-again relationship on the HBO series before Big whisked Carrie away in the show's series finale in 2004, which was set in Paris. The New York lovebirds were later married in the second Sex and the City big screen movie in 2010.

Nearly 10 years later, the off-screen affection continues. Page Six notes that last year, Parker famously commented on a workout photo of Noth flexing his "big" muscles on Instagram, telling her fictional husband, "Still looking good!!!!"

Earlier this year, an insider close to the TV couple told Closer Weekly that Noth and Parker are still good friends nine years after their last Sex and the City movie, and that she is still his number one fan.

"She follows him on social media and goes to see him in all his plays, sometimes two or three times," the source said. "She just thinks he's so hot, even at 64! She's sorry they're not doing a third SATC film because she loves working and spending time with him. The chemistry is intense, and he's equally smitten."

The insider added that "Chris is always singing Sarah's praises" whenever he is asked about her, and that even though they are happily married to other people the former co-stars still have a huge connection that will never go away.

It's clear SJP's love for Noth will never die, so perhaps it's for the best that a third Sex and the City movie was scrapped last year. Before plans for the third sequel movie were canceled, there were rumors that Mr. Big was to be killed off via a heart attack early in the film.

Noth told The Sun there was no way his character would ever be killed off from Sex and the City and that all rumors to the contrary were a lie.