Britney Spears' Eyeliner Derails 'Really Hot' Boyfriend Video

Britney Spears has caused a stir – seemingly, via her eyeliner.

The "Toxic" singer took to Instagram last night for a little home video footage. The 37-year-old's update appeared to come straight from her kitchen, where boyfriend Sam Asghari was cooking up a storm. Britney was seen speaking into the camera as she detailed her love for the Iranian, although the singer's words seemed particularly geared towards two of Asghari's qualities: being "really hot" and an excellent "chef."

The proof seemed to be in the pudding, with Asghari looking fit and dapper as he stood in front of a frying pan full of food. The personal trainer also showed his romantic edge by pulling out a rose.

Comments have been pouring in. It looks like the star's fans have reached a joint consensus: namely, that Britney's eyeliner was proving distracting.

"Can someone get your girl a micellar water makeup wipe?!" was a comment racking up over 1,600 upvotes.

"Whyyyyy do you never wash your face? You're a billionaire. Please please make up wipes," another fan wrote.

Their comment clocked over 1,100 likes.

"The eye liner smear... it gets me every time" proved similarly popular, with over 1,000 likes.

Another user tweaked their comment to reflect the star's own wording during the video – Britney had said that she couldn't believe that she "[wakes] up" to Sam every day.

"I can't believe you wake up every morning with the same eyeliner from the previous week," the fan wrote.

Countless other users took to the comments section of the post to mention Britney's eye makeup. The star was, however, praised by some fans for appearing happy in her relationship. Likewise mentioned was Britney's long blonde hair.

When it comes to social media displays of affection, Britney and Sam mostly prove popular. The star's fan base seems pumped to see the singer in what finally appears to be a healthy and stable relationship. As fans will know, prior romances for the mother of two have proven rocky. Baby daddy Kevin Federline mostly received the thumbs-down from Britney's supporters.

Britney and Sam recently sparked engagement rumors. The couple appeared on the red carpet for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's premiere, with a ring on Britney's finger proving a talking point. As The Inquisitr reported shortly after the couple's appearance though, the engagement isn't a confirmed one.Despite the makeup-centric backlash, Britney's video last night proved popular overall, racking up over 1.8 million views and upwards of 284,000 likes. Fans wishing to see more of Britney should follow her Instagram.