Jenna Jameson Flaunts 80-Pound Weight Loss In Tight Pink Swimsuit: ‘Let’s Talk Eating Out’

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Jenna Jameson has a lot to be proud of. As The Inquisitr reports, the former adult entertainment star has lost a staggering 80 pounds since welcoming her third child, Batel, in 2017. Jenna and her Israeli boyfriend, Lior Bitton, are raising their child in Hawaii. The exotic island may fly the flag for beautiful beaches, but Jenna’s most recent social media update didn’t come from shores. It did, however, flaunt the star’s weight loss via a bathing suit.

Earlier today, Jenna updated her Instagram. The blonde had braved a side-by-side image showing her frame before and after shedding the weight. On the left, fans saw a red-headed Jenna looking heavier in a white dress. While the star looked beautiful at her heavier weight, fans would likely argue that she appeared healthier in the right-hand side image.

Here, Jenna was flaunting her weight loss in a tight, strappy, and pink-colored swimsuit that left little to the imagination. Jenna didn’t seem out to up the sex appeal, though. The mother-of-three was looking focused as she took her selfie, with a caption that likewise came with a dedication. Jenna’s caption spoke of the challenges of dining “out” alongside mentioning how she manages to maintain her ketosis diet while ordering meals.

Fans received plenty of restaurant solutions from Jenna, plus evidence of just how well the keto diet has worked for her. The picture did, after all, show Jenna’s super-slim waist, trim hips, and legs, plus an overall whittled-down frame.

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Let’s talk eating out. When I first began my weight loss journey, I avoided eating out as much as possible. I felt if I wasn’t making the food, there could be hidden sugars or starches. I highly recommend cooking your meals if you are in weight loss mode. Since I’m now just maintaining weight but still eating #keto , when I go out to eat with my family here are some of the things I order... You can NEVER go wrong with steak! Add a sautéed baby broccoli or non starchy veg and you’re golden! Grilled fish is a perfect choice also! Caesar salad (hold the croutons) topped with shrimp is fab! I’ve gotten so good at scanning menus for keto friendly dishes it’s now second nature! Let me know down below your favorite restaurant’s keto dish! #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #transformation #fitmom #ketodiet #intermittentfasting #biohacking

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Followers of Jenna’s social media will know that she has braved the before-and-after photo route before. The star has even mentioned the numbers on the scale in an Instagram post.

“This is 205 vs. 125 both perfectly happy… but only one of these is healthy! I’m so thankful to #ketofor giving me my life back! Please visit my amazon keto list the link is in my bio! It’s super helpful when it comes to figuring out snacks and secrets to staying in ketosis!”

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So I wanted to talk to you about motivation and happiness. I think in our society right now it isn’t easy to feel actual happiness. Here are my tips to achieve true happiness. 1. Be of service to others, nothing brings joy like giving. 2. Get outside, vitamin D from the sun is proven to lift your spirits. 3. Get active, even 20 minutes a day will change your outlook. 4. Get sufficient rest, this isn’t always easy but try to get 8 hours! 5. Ask questions and actually listen. 6. Call your family members and express your love. 7. Sit down and have quiet time to reflect on all of your blessing for 10 minutes a day. 8. Make your bed the moment you wake up. 9. Ask you children how they feel and validate their feelings. 10. Remember everyday that you are worthy and important. I live by these. What do you do to bring joy to your life?

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While many of Jenna’s Instagram updates are dedicated to her full-blown keto lifestyle, not all of the star’s social media activity centers around her weight. Fast-growing Batel frequently pops up on Jenna’s Instagram stories, with boyfriend Lior also appearing in posts.

The keto diet appears to be a popular topic, both with the general public and celebrities. Kourtney Kardashian recently revealed that she had embarked on the diet for the second time. Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow have also followed the low-carb and high-fat way of life.

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