Ana Cheri Gets On Her Hands & Knees For A New Bikini Pic

Ana Cheri shared a new bikini pic, and joked about her response to someone telling her to act natural. Many of her followers thought the photo was great, regardless of the joke she was trying to make, as she was spotted in a tiny string bikini. The model posed on top of a plush, tan outdoor couch as she got on her knees and hands for the shot. She looked over her right shoulder at the camera as she arched her back slightly.

Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, and it looked like she was caught mid-conversation. She wore thin, silver hoop earrings. Behind Cheri, you could see the blue ocean and a sky with no clouds.

Fans responded positively to the photo.

"Looks perfectly natural to me," commented a fan.

"Lord you're so brea[t]htakingly beautiful wow," another added.

"In her own habitat," observed a follower, who likely noticed her many oceanside swimsuit pics.

"Did you find any change between the cushions??" joked another person.

"And my friend wonders why you have that many followers / I told him this is the only reason but still doesn't get it," another fan explained.

Ana's follower count is over 12.4 million on Instagram, which is certainly a notable feat for any social media model.

And while Ana shares plenty of swimsuit pics, she mixes it up occasionally. This was the case a couple of days ago, when she shared a photo of herself in a feminine white dress. It was off-the-shoulder with ruffle accents throughout, including on the sleeves and along the hem. She was spotted in front of a flower shop, and held a small bouquet in her hands.

"Cute. This dress looks great on you," noted a fan.

"Where did you get your purse?! So cute," another fan wanted to know.

Cheri slung her purse over her left shoulder, and it consisted of a neutral pink bag with a very colorful strap. The strap appeared to be beaded, with blue and red being the prominent colors.

In addition, the photo inspired a follower to comment for the first time.

"I've never commented on any of your posts before but this one perfectly sums you up - beautiful," they said.

In addition to the dress and bag, Ana also wore a matching light pink hat. She looked into the distance with a smile, sporting pink lipstick while keeping things simple and forgoing a necklace.